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Mini Post: Starry Night

This may be the mini-est of mini posts. In my book, "starry night" status is achieved when a room is expertly layered and is so rich in depth that the more you look around in it, the more you see - just like a starry night sky. This bedroom is in the home of the couple who started Casa Josephine Studio in Madrid and it is a "starry night" to me!

photo source

At first glance this is a sweet and simple bedroom and then you notice the ceiling painted in a mustardy yellow that dips down from the ceiling to make a band around the room, a painted crown, in sharp contrast to the crisp white walls; the high gloss blue gray window shutters and trim, paired with curtains and a window shade; the contrasting stripes on the bed linens; the medallion above the framed drawing that echoes the blues in the space; and the frame of the mirror over the bed that is painted in the same color as the window shutters. This space is restful, layered, soothing, and stunning. It shows that a room does not have to be ornate and stuffed to the gills to have A LOT going on.

I will be back tomorrow with a feature fever post. See you then.

Thank you for admiring the starry night (sky) with me today,





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