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Mini Post: Starry Night

Hello there. If you have been reading my blog for a while you have no doubt come across my "starry night" declaration in many a post. I designate rooms with "starry night" status when the more you look around them, the more beauty you see. These are rooms that at first glance are lovely and then the more time you spend in them and notice the details of the space, the more lovelier they become - just like a clear starry night sky.

I think every room that Betsy Brown does is a starry night, and this one is no exception. Starting from the top, the ceiling detail in this room is stunning. The dark wood blinds extend to the ceiling line, above the windows, and are the same color as the walls of windows, creating a cozy, cohesive surrounding. The furniture is simple - the sofa and rattan chair are armless and the club chairs' arms match the color of the walls, while the upholstery matches the sofa. The tall plant, artwork, cement orb on the floor, standing lamps and striped rug all give your eyes places to travel and fall deeper into the space. Truly lovely.

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Here is another "starry night" sitting room where the experience begins with the ceiling - a combination of dark beams, white beams, and tongue and groove paneling. The three large bell jar lanterns spaced between the beams are just visible enough to enhance the space without competing with the ceiling. The artwork is dramatic and elevates the space despite its muted palette. The white lamps surrounding the sofa under the artwork match each other and although the white lamp on the side table has the same shade, it is in fact a different lamp that blends seamlessly with the space. The objet d'art, multiple seating areas and the oversized jute rug all come together to make this entire space a multi course feast for the eyes.

Kitchens can be starry nights too. It is all about the beams setting the stage in this post apparently. The ceiling in this kitchen is fantastic. Note how the old, rustic wood runs down the corners of the walls and that there is also course of timber spanning wall to wall right above the doors to the outside. An antiquated structure brought into modern day living perfectly. Speaking of those doors, this narrow kitchen has two - one purple and one white Dutch door on opposite sides. The sconces above the fireplace have purple globes to match that purple door. The oversized brick hearth in front of the fireplace allows for a landing spot when walking through the Dutch door. The touches of brick extend with the brick fireplace chase rising through the kitchen. The chase is flanked by windows and brass pots. I could go on and on. The more you look in this kitchen, the more you see indeed, like the awesome Viking range and hood and the drainboard detail on the countertop by the sink. I will stop now lol! Love this space!

Time to say goodnight "starry sky". I will be back tomorrow with this month's version of Move In Ready. Until then....

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