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Manic Monday

Good morning! The start to a new week is synonymous with a new Manic Monday post. Following are the images that stopped me in my tracks and inspired me for one reason or another over the past week. I will work around "the house" elements I have curated, starting with the entrance.

This entry hall by Sarah Bartholomew is truly welcoming and beautiful. I also really love the floors! They have put a bee in my bonnet for sure.

The asymmetrical artwork over the fireplace is the perfect complement to this otherwise very symmetrical living room by Lisa Stanton.

This is a vibrant living room indeed! What I love the most, and the reason I saved the image, is the drapery fabric. Design by Stella Weatherall.

Another vibrant room. I love the suzani throw on the sofa. I think they are such great additions to almost any room. They look great at the end of a bed, on the back of a chair, and draped on a sofa - clearly. Design by French & French Interiors.

This dining room designed by Tommy Smythe is the definition of layered design - gorgeous. The millwork, artwork, light fixture, table and chairs, accessories, and textiles are all meant for each other in this lovely room.

I am a big fan of small lamps on kitchen counters and this little blue and white one is calling my name. And the wicker lamp shade? Yes, please. Wicker lampshades put off the most charming ambient light too. Kitchen designed by Alice Grace Interiors.

This table, bench and mismatched chairs are also right up my alley. My favorite feature though is the three vintage lights above the table - love them! This is a deVol kitchen.

My obsession with glass wall and door pantries continues. Love the wicker sconces in here too. Design by Ham Interiors.

I am really drawn to square tile lately, particularly ones that have natural color variation to them, like these chosen by Boxwood Avenue.

I am drawn to this dark, moody kitchen with the sconce as the only light colored (and light giving) element. Very handsome. Design by Sean Anderson, a master of the detail.

Moving on to bedrooms. This is another moody, handsome room by Sean Anderson. I love the shutters used as the headboard and how the color scheme for the drapes, walls, and headboard is monochromatic in this room. The bench at the bottom of the bed is a perfect touch.

The closet doors in this bedroom, designed by Amber Interiors, are so attractive. I really appreciate the simplicity of having no molding around the closet doors or around the windows. Very peaceful. Another old bench at the end of the bed in here too.

So much to love about this next bedroom. First the size, it invites late night sleepover chats. Second, the matching wallpaper and window treatment paired with the green window trim is charming. Third, the pattern on the quilts and the complement they pay to the allover red fabric is dreamy. This bedroom is designed by Howe London.

I know I just said in Either Or last week that I would not use a tub shower combination space if I didn't have to, I sure do LOVE the Cle Tile in this beautiful bathroom designed by Logan Killen Interiors though!

Time to move outside now. This home, built by Grande Custom Builders, is a modern nod to older, cottage-y type houses. I really like the color combination and love the front entrance and flanking exterior lights. This house definitely has curb appeal.

I love the unusual detail of having the doorknob on the top half of this Dutch door. Charming. The color of the door with the stone facade is spot on too. This is the home of Steph Gowla.

This next house has gone to the dogs lol. From what you can see, this house looks to be absolute perfection actually. I especially love the doorbell - it's all in the details for sure! This building is part of the Goodwood Estate in West Sussex, England.

Ending on my favorites of the week. They are in two of my favorite places and contain some of my favorite things.

I am dreaming of this bed, it is so gorgeous. I have such a love for vintage bamboo furniture. This is the bedroom of a house that is available to rent in Nantucket. Maybe I can dream IN this bed one day lol.

The last photo is from a cottage in Maine and the hydrangeas are exquisite. I love, love, love Maine and hydrangeas. The red bush behind the hydrangeas on the right is pretty darn exquisite too. This is the cottage of Loi Thai of Tone on Tone.

That is a wrap on Manic Monday for this week. I will be back tomorrow with an On Trend Tuesday post. There is something in this post that is the feature of tomorrow's post. Any guesses? See you tomorrow to find out!

Thank you for starting your week with me,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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