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Manic Monday

Hello and happy spring! I hope you had a great weekend and the weather felt springy where you are. When I went to put this post together I realized that one third of the images that really inspired me this week were bathrooms. I am not sure what that means exactly!

For the non-bathroom rooms this week, I am definitely gravitating toward more relaxed and casual rooms like this one. I have shared images from this home before and every time I see a new image from it, I fall in love all over again (there are actually two images from this house in the post). I love, love, love these window shades, all of the white painted rustic wood, dark windows, art work and casual furniture. The rug and the fabrics are fantastic too. This room is overflowing with inspiration.

This set up is in an antique shop in England and I would happily incorporate this entire display as a dining room. The chest in particular is calling my name.

Another restful dining room space that provides inspiration galore. I love the mix of chairs used here and how can you wrong with a round table!?!

This is from the kitchen of the house featured in the opening picture of this post. The juxtaposition of light and dark in this house is fantastic and a green velvet wing back chair in the kitchen? Yes, please!

The rattan stools at this island are covetous. Love, love, love! The lighting choices in this kitchen are also next level superb.

Navy is my kryptonite. I love this all navy laundry room with the bead board ceiling.

Speaking of bead board, this bathroom with two different colors on the bead board divided by a trim piece is charming. I also love the lighting in here. Inspiring space indeed.

Wow, this vessel sink is stunning. The lighting, shutters, paneling and mid-century modern (looking? actual?) console for the sink all work together like a symphony. This bathroom is singing to me :-)

The old fashioned appeal of this new bathroom is phenomenal. The medicine cabinet incorporated into the window wall and floor tile are especially special.

A fireplace in the bathroom? Any and every day, please. So cool.

This picture makes me want to move to California. The light in California is magical. The color of these flowers with the white plaster wall and pretty blue gate are equally magical. I also find boxwoods in clay pots to be near perfection at any entry point to a home.

photo source

One more inspirational photo on the perfection scale. This home is in Maine and that alone makes me love it, the details though would have me gaga over it in any location. This house is rich in thought and offers a lot to consider for inspiration when designing a house: The way it looks like a small clapboard house was added on to with the L part of the building, that has two separate entrances with French doors under a covered porch, leading to a two story garage sided with cedar shake. The combination of cedar and metal roofing throughout. The front door window divided in two to complement the French doors on the L part of the house. The rounded top on the green garage doors that provide the only color and curves on the exterior of the building. The contrasting roof lines. The gravel driveway and walkway that soften the look of the house with their gentle curves. And the way the landscaping stays true to the look and feel of the trees surrounding the home. This house is the definition of curb appeal.

So much good stuff today! I hope you are feeling as inspired as I am. I will be back tomorrow with an all new On Trend Tuesday post. See you there.

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Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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