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Manic Monday

Hello. It is a new week and that means a new Manic Monday curation post!

Following are the images that caught my eye over the past week. I Hope they inspire you too - enjoy!

I am starting with some wallpaper love.

This Lewis & Wood wallpaper and fabric combination is so attractive. I love the way the same colors are represented in both and the way that the patterns complement each other - not the exact same and still they look meant for each other. The artwork above the chair is the perfect finishing touch too.

I am a huge fan of the wallpaper in this work in progress room by Heidi Caillier. I think it was bold and brilliant to put the larger print on the ceiling rather than the walls. Instinctively I would think to try the opposite (large print on the walls and smaller on the ceiling) first. I also really like the way the blue trim on the millwork brings the wallpaper prints together so nicely.

The Hygge & West wallpaper really brings this bathroom to life. The use of the wallpaper in both the WC and main bath space by Jacque Christensen Design is inspired indeed.

I saved this image to add to my ever growing visual list of neutral paint colors. This one is Archive by Farrow & Ball.

Talk about a great sightline - the wall coverings, this pocket door, fabrics, furniture, artwork, wood flooring - they all work so well together! This is good (great) bones married with great pattern play. This is in the home of Martina Mondadori of Cabana Magazine.

The next room has a lot, a lot going on! I saved it because I am intrigued by the use of the museum case in the center of the room. This image is a reminder to me that there are endless possibilities for design and decor if you are curious and imaginative. Design by Aero Studios.

This image has so many elements I love. I much prefer mixing fabric patterns over using the same fabric (or all fabrics without a pattern) for multiple pieces of furniture. I love paisley (sofa), I love blue and white (wingback chair), I love stripes, and I love ottoman coffee tables (you get two for the price of one in this room!). This room also has great millwork and the subtle texture on the curtains brings everything together. Design by Sarah Bartholomew.

As you know, I have an intense fondness for rattan. Check out this room, nothing by rattan! Design by Leah O'Connell Design.

The next two images come from my hometown - Columbus, Ohio.

This first one I saved because I think it is so attractive that the cabinets match the height of the first row of windows. And of course I love the color of them! Although I understand the need for the blinds on the top row of windows, personally I would prefer an awning type cover on the exterior of the house. Nonetheless, the kitchen, including the beams, plaster walls, and sightlines to the brick exterior is gorgeous.

This is an extremely attractive ping pong table by A Carpenter's Son Design Co.

I am really liking this natural cane hanging light fixture in the offices of House Seven Design.

I have never seen a glass fireplace screen before, isn't this stunning? This image is included in photographer Simon Upton's new book, New York Interiors.

This is a cheery entrance. The way the door color and brick color complement each other is very welcoming. Design by Hannah Harriet.

This is my favorite exterior of the week. I have always loved breezeways and this one designed by Catherine Tracy Sloan is a real beauty!

My favorite interior of the week is this kitchen. It is a real stunner and I am coveting the floor to ceiling glass cabinet - it is gorgeous! This kitchen is designed by Imperfect Interiors.

I am finding myself manic-ly inspired and I hope you are too. I will be back tomorrow to share the inspiration I saved for my own renovation See you then!

Thank you for visiting today,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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