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Manic Monday

Hi. I hope you had a lovely weekend. I have some beautiful inspiration to share with you to start your week off on a great note. Following are the designs and ideas that had me truly excited and took my imagination to a new level last week.

I will begin with rooms that I I wish were in my house or at the very least rooms that I wish I had the privilege to spend a lot of time in.

The first is a room designed by Timothy Whealon featuring a rug by PFM. I love the depth and shape of the sofa, the menagerie of pillows, the large painting above the sofa, the solid wood coffee table, cane chairs and the rattan roll-up shade. This room invites you in and asks you to get comfy and stay around for as long as you would like. Lovely.

This room is in the home of artist William McClure. Another extremely welcoming room. Please note the landscaping behind the large windows, it really adds to the texture of the room. I particularly like the two stacks of books as side tables for the woven leather chair. Books are such a versatile design element! I love books! I also love William McClure's artwork - amazing!

This next room is in the home of Gregory Blake Sam and is painted in Farrow&Ball Pitch Black. I love the ceiling and I love that the room is painted in a high gloss. Oftentimes painters will recommend to paint older homes/rooms with "flaws" in the walls in a flat sheen to minimize the imperfections. I do not agree, nor follow this advice. I love glossy walls and in my humble opinion, "flaws" in the wall are actually "character" and I have no problem enhancing them.

Moving on to some kitchen love....

The wood beams and post combined with the glass pantry walls and door are kitchen goals for sure! I have yet to meet a design by Amber Interiors I do not love and I cannot imagine I ever will.

This Butler's Pantry by Ashley Whittaker Design reminds me of a house I wanted to buy so badly when we lived in Grosse Pointe. The kitchen in my dream house included two pantries, one traditional Butler's Pantry and another pantry for dry food storage. I went to see the house several times with a realtor and tried to make the plan that I put together to buy it, fix it up (it needed everything!) and either live in it or flip it afterwards work for months. In the end it proved to be too big of an undertaking at the time. That did not stop me from designing every detail and pricing it all out before stopping my crusade to purchase and renovate it though! Part of the design was to paint both of the pantries, which had gorgeous original cabinetry, in high gloss paint - one red and one yellow.

I actually still have some pictures of the house saved is a picture of the Butler's Pantry (with the realtor trying to escape the photo) and some outdoor shots. I still dream about this house.

Hi John.

Moving on, and speaking of yellow, this pantry/mudroom/laundry room design by Stephanie Sabbe for the House Beautiful Whole Home Project is an inspiring choice for a cabinet color and the wallpaper above the cabinets and on the ceiling really adds to the wow factor.

And I love this tiny kitchen by deVol!

Next stop on the Manic Monday tour is a look at some standout elements.

Starting with the mural on this bathroom wall - stunning - coupled with the dark trim, the vanity with nailhead trim, the dark tub and the lighting choices. This bathroom is a standout indeed. Design by Mariah Haidamus and LOCZIdesign.

The mix of colors and textures in this bedroom designed by Steven Gambrel is ultra inspiring. The orange ceiling is calling my name.

How cool is this lucite crib? You almost can't see it! I could not resist saving the image of this design by Ariel Okin. This is quite a sophisticated nursery!

This hallway designed by G.P. Schafer is so calming and I am particularly drawn to the old fashioned hardware on the storage cabinets/closets at the end of the hall.

This colorful corner designed by and in the home of Lucy Doswell is calling out to me, particularly the mirror - I love the frame.

A sconce peaking through a fabric curtain sounds like a risky move, this picture proves it is actually a winning move though. This is a bedroom designed by Sarah Bartholomew for the Southern Living Idea House. Great idea indeed!

Another Sarah Bartholomew design....this screen door is gorgeous. I love, love, love how it matches the woodwork of the door. Details, details, details.

Virginia Kraft Textile is about to release wallpapers and they look awesome!

I can never resist a house with clapboard siding and cedar shake.

Lastly, my favorite of the week is this room by Neptune. The fireplace (which is almost as tall as the doors), the artwork above it, and the beams are exquisite. The positioning of the chairs is fabulous. And lately I have been noticing artwork stacked on the floor in a lot of rooms that inspire me. I am really becoming a fan of the look. We have the majority of our artwork stacked in rooms like this because we are living in a holding pattern until the renovation begins and is completed - our rooms don't look anything like this - yet - though!

I am feeling manic in a good way and I hope you are too. I will be back tomorrow with an On Trend Tuesday post. See you there!

Thank you for visiting today,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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