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Manic Monday

Happy Monday! This week's curation focuses mainly on inspiring details in rooms - both architectural and decorative - with an extra emphasis on features in bathrooms. All good stuff for sure!

At "The Little House" at our family farm in West Virginia we have a coat rack with pegs that is expandable, like the one below, next to the front door. It is far more utilitarian and 1970s than this attractive one with hooks. We rarely stay in The Little House now that we have a "Big House" and a bunkhouse on the property, whenever I see types of hanging racks like this though I am filled with nostalgia and memories of the one from my youth. It was always over filled and spilling onto the floor with our coats and hats. We had to fight to keep our stuff up there. I love expandable racks, and I love the entire situation going on in this room below with the bench and baskets and all white paint scheme. Charming.

This is an entry bench of a different sort and it is gorgeous! The all-over green velvet upholstery is amazing, as is the artwork display and marble topped table and checkerboard marble floor. Wow.

I am a huge fan of ottomans layered into rooms. They are easy to move around and can be used for extra seating, storage or propping your feet up. Versatile and attractive.

I am completely fanning over the glossy trim paint and matte walls all in the same color in this room. The way the chandelier reflects light off of the trim paint is so, so pretty.

The large pink painting in this room is calling my name. Statement art immediately elevates a space.

photo source

I think interior glass panels/windows are an extremely clever and attractive way to brighten and unify spaces in the home, in this case the dining room and the kitchen. Such a great detail.

The ceiling in this kitchen is absolutely stunning. Period.

I am a huge fan of an eating nook as "the punctuation point" at the end of a galley kitchen. It makes the space cozy and inviting.

The little set of shelves at the end of this child's built in bed is charming. It is the ideal spot for books and treasures and adds so much more character to the space than if the bed had just been placed completely up against the wall.

I covet black marble and this sink is to die for.

This black sink is pretty darn good looking too, especially paired with the wallpaper, artwork, and mirror. Love this.

Unusual and unexpected equaling attractive is my favorite combination in design and decorating. This bathroom checks those boxes for sure. It is unusual and unexpected to see the sink exposed on a vanity with drawers down the side and boy does this one equal attractive!

The small piece of artwork makes the space. A small detail with tremendous impact.

The pattern on this floor with the color variation in the tiles used to make the flowers and dots in the pattern is beyond charming.

The table, stunning marble in the shower and amazing rug make this bathroom quite chic, I am most drawn to the swinging door with the curtained window heading in to what I imagine to be the closet though. This is an added detail that is not "necessary" and yet adds tremendous appeal to the space.

I generally favor stand alone tubs, there is something about the stone on the tub surround though that is calling my name. It is so good looking.

Ending with my exterior detail weakness - shutters. The shutters around the front door are the perfect finishing touch on this house, they elevate the curb appeal by one thousand percent. Speaking of shutters, John started working on the shutters for our house this past weekend and they look fabulous. Stay tuned!

new old, photo source

I am feeling inspired to take my designs to the next level, what about you!?! I will be back tomorrow with an On Trend Tuesday post. See you there.

Thank you for starting your week with me,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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