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Manic Monday

Hello! Happy Monday! I am having some technical issues (constant crashing) today and therefore have a very short post. I saved a lot of targeted inspiration over the past week that will now show up in later posts (e.g., Food For Thought, On Trend Tuesday, Vignettes, etc.). So, stay tuned, there is a lot of good stuff in the queue!

Here are the ideas I have been able to load that provided "manic" aka "major" inspiration this week :-).

As a dog owner, this indoor Dutch door appeals to me on many levels. We have a baby gate that we keep in the back hall to secure the dog when he is dirty or misbehaving. It is constantly falling down and it terrifies him. A dutch door to the mudroom would be far more practical and infinitely more elegant and attractive.

The combination of the cabinetry color, farm sink, brass hardware, and exquisite marble used in this space (it is a Shoppe Amber Interiors store) is exquisite. I am particularly drawn to the pinky gold veining in the marble. Gorgeous.

This kitchen faucet is like jewelry - beautiful.

The way this tall cabinet leaves space for cutting board storage is brilliant and attractive. Love this.

If you want to try out a dark and moody space in your home, the powder room is the perfect place to begin. A black toilet would be even moodier lol. I love black toilets by the way, they are significantly more expensive though so you have to be committed.

The floor in this bathroom is so pretty; as are the mirror, artwork, and vase on the ledge behind the tub. This looks like a very calming place to take a soak.

Small details make a significant difference like the green tile banding in this bathroom.

After a bitterly cold and snowy weekend, I am dreaming of being in a garden like this!

Enjoy your Monday. I will be back tomorrow with an On Trend Tuesday post. See you there!

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Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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