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Manic Monday

Happy start to your new week! For this Manic Monday I have saved images that inspire me mostly for a particular feature/design element and then a lot of exteriors that are giving me a serious dose of house envy.

Years ago I saw an image of a room in an old house in a magazine where the owner/designer left the old plaster on the walls exposed. I thought at the time it was a bold, brave design move that was absolutely gorgeous. I have always remembered it and have wanted to do the same thing in an old home renovation. The walls in the room below have been left to show the past paint and plaster history and it immediately reminded me of that house I saw years ago. I still love it! It is unique and adds depth and character to the space.

I am very inspired by the buffalo check on this sectional sofa - so good looking. I also love the mix of subtle patterns in the room with the herringbone rug, the striped chair, dots on the ottoman and floral pillow fabric. They all work so well together and make this room extremely inviting.

I love the high gloss paint on every wood surface in this galley kitchen. Exquisite.

The pegs on the wall in this kitchen - LOVE! So charming.

This old gate would make a great piece of artwork. It makes me long for warmer weather and flea market season. I love to use found, unique pieces as artwork throughout the home and this one is a beauty.

This bar is a very clever use of corner space and bridges the two rooms/spaces together so well.

Chroma, photo source

This bar is attractive when you can see it (doors open) and when you cannot (doors closed). I was really drawn to the simple, pale colored baskets topping the stacks of books on top of the cabinet more than anything - a great mix of styles.

The long black bench looks so attractive in front of this gorgeous stone tub. So often small tables are put beside a tub and this bench is unexpected and stunning.

The sofa in this indoor/outdoor space is a dreamy sea of blue and white and looks so comfortable. I really love the thick welting on the sofa cushions too - an elevating detail on an already handsome sofa.

Check out this circle bench in the middle of a waterfall! This is amazing.

These next two houses are by McAlpine House. I want to live in a McAlpine house. You would not know these are new homes, they have so much character and appeal, and McAlpine House's use of shutters is spectacular.

Speaking of wanting to live somewhere - I would love to move to the panhandle of Florida. This door looks like it belongs in Alys Beach, a gorgeous seaside town down there.

photo source

This house is for sure in Alys Beach.

And this McAlpine House is in Rosemary Beach, a few towns over and this is really, really where I want to live. It is a great town with picture perfect beaches. I need to "manifest" this as my daughter says!

This Manic Monday edition could also be called Random Monday - a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Inspiration is everywhere! Speaking of that, I will be back tomorrow with an Inspiration for My Renovation post. See you then.

Thank you for being here today,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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