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Manic Monday

Hello, happy new week :-). Today's Manic Monday post is full of beautiful elements and overall "looks" that caught my eye. There is a lot of great inspiration here to keep tucked away for future projects as well as small cosmetic updates that could be done at any time.

I will start with this beautiful entry. The millwork is gorgeous on its own and when the artwork, furniture, rug, and lighting - all subtle - are layered in, this entry becomes magnificent.

I have been gravitating more and more towards layered, stacked artwork lately, and I am particularly drawn to layering artwork in front of a mirror as seen in the next two images. I am a fan of both of these looks - the first with the mirror hung and the second with the mirror and artwork both leaning against the wall atop the table.

The sconces in this vignette are extraordinary.

I love the artwork that is layered against the mirror in this image, love, love, love!

The repurposing of this old and well-worn work bench as a desk is fantastic.

The cover of this magazine features a dining room by Nannette Brown. I love a dining room that includes a bench or sofa as part of its seating. I think it instantly elevates the space. This room has a lot of charming features too - the louvered and beamed ceiling and the shutters on the windows painted black on the interior, or is exterior, to name two, are both so attractive.

photo source

The way the sink in this kitchen is slightly sunken and surrounded by stainless steel combines form and function in the best way. It is quite practical to save wear and tear on the countertops and extremely good looking at the same time.

This all white kitchen is so welcoming. I really like the simplicity of the cookbooks on the marble counters with a utensil crock and a candle as the bookends, and the thick butcher block island top is another form and function element - perfect in this space in every way.

The layering of curtains around the pocket door frame in this laundry room is something I do not recall seeing before and I think it is a terrific, and great looking, idea. It doesn't hurt that paisley is my favorite!

This bathroom is a stunner! So many elements to love - the lantern, the floor, the vanity, and of course the tub!

I saved this picture because I think the band of vertical subway tile at the top of the wall is such a great way to add visual interest to a wall of subway tile. I also think that choosing a subway tile with natural color variation greatly ups its appeal.

I love furniture pieces in a bathroom and this curved glass front cabinet is beautiful in here. The drawers at the bottom are a great way to add closed storage without sacrificing the beauty of the glass doors.

The seashell covered planters by these doors are exquisite, I love them. I also love these old wood screen doors and how the wood supports look against the interior French doors - even though the mullions do not line up, they look perfect together.

I am a firm believer that shutters can, and should, add great detail and style to a home. I think the tall shutters that surround this front door and transom window prove that point, don't you!?!

This house is beautiful. I love the way it follows the lay of the land and how the house and windows deepen as you move to the left. Gorgeous. I also love the mix of cedar shake and stone. Gorgeous.

I love the lines of this house with its flat roofs, open covered patio, and tall paned steel windows. It is modern and classic at the same time to me. A handsome home indeed.

That is a wrap on this edition of Manic Monday. I will back tomorrow with an On Trend Tuesday post. See you there!

Thank you for starting your week off with me,



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