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Manic Monday

Happy May! I am wondering how that happened so fast on one hand and on the other hand wondering if we will finally start to get warm weather now? Judging from the rising temperatures throughout the day here in Ohio yesterday, it seems that the answer to that part of the question is yes. I hope you had a great weekend and are feeling energized to start the week and the new month. This post should help! A lot of goodies today.

This lucite legged entry table is gorgeous!

This grand entry way is just that - grand! My mother-in laws favorite word to describe good things is "grand" and I love that - it seems very Irish to me. Can you imagine having an entry hallway large enough for a grand piano!?! It reminds me of Krystle and Blake Carrington's house on Dynasty, only much better looking :-).

The bursts of colors on these next two cool, curvy sofas are perfect for a touch of spring all year 'round. Love.

Look at how the upholstery on the sofa's back cushions lines up perfectly with the fabric pattern. Expert upholstering for sure!

I am intrigued by this dining room that has blue taffeta curtained walls and a sofa at the head of the table. Wow, intimate and formal at the same time.

I love the little lamp on this table. I want one!

I love antiques and I love transformative upholstery and this chair checks both of those boxes. Please let this serve as a reminder, if you see a chair with lines you love, you can make it into something spectacular like this.

photo source

Something about this kitchen is quite welcoming. A lot things actually - the old bricks revealed through the subway tile wall, the red chairs around an old farm table and the happy robin's egg blue walls invite you to sit down and enjoy what is sure to be a great meal made right before your eyes.

photo source

The mix of both the eclectic lighting and the stunning artwork in this kitchen is inspired. I also love the pattern on the tile backsplash and the way is looks asymmetrical and at the same times blends perfectly with the peaked ceiling and beams in the space above the table.

Countertops with a thick edge are luxurious looking to me, especially when they look like this.

photo source

I love the restrained, non-kitchen items on the shelves to the left of the range hood. They add so much character to this sublime kitchen.

You can never go wrong with a fireplace in the kitchen.

In my very first On Trend Tuesday post I talked about "narrow kitchen storage". This set of shelves on the right starts out narrow on the bottom and progressively gets wider at the top which creates plenty of headroom at the bottom, above the sink, and takes advantage of the space on top for wider storage where it does not interfere. I love great, clever, and attractive ideas like this!

The far part of this space looks to be a sleeping porch - one of the most charming types of room there is, in my humble opinion. A sleeping porch is always on my list to incorporate in a renovation or in a new build if possible.

Speaking of charming, this bedroom is oozing with charm. I particularly like the way the curtains are drawn over the wide window behind the beds to line up with the twin bed frames.

The mixture of textiles in this bedroom is swoon worthy.

Ending on a high note. This bathroom is a stunner. The window is amazing; I love the way the ledge around the tub continues as a bench in the shower; and the lines of the metal on the glass shower panels and door are superb.

Enjoy the rest of your day. I will be back tomorrow with my seventeenth On Trend Tuesday post. See you there.

Thank you for starting your week of with me,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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