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Manic Monday

Hello! It is hard to believe this Monday is the start to the last full week in November. How did that happen!?! On this Manic Monday I have curated some beautiful exterior details, some interior design elements that bring spaces up a notch and one kitchen that I love everything about. Let the inspiration begin!

I have talked about my love for breezeways before. My love extends to my own home (the last one). I designed my Holland house to have one and it was for sure one of my top three favorite things about the house. Breezeways are such a great feature to protect you from bad weather and cold temperatures when walking to and from the garage and they are also a way to add character and a very attractive feature to your home. This one designed by Moment Design is beautiful at all times of day.

photo source

photo source

photo source

I love a porte cochére almost as much as I love a breezeway. I have not had one of these yet though, maybe someday. There is something so elegant about someone being able to drive up to your house and get out under cover, isn't there? This one designed by Christopher Architecture and Interior Design is a real stunner!

photo source

The natural wood tone of the doors and windows on this house, paired with the copper gutters and cedar shake is absolutely gorgeous. I am the first one to say that there is nothing wrong with paining wood trim on the interior of a house, I would not change a thing on this exterior designed by Summerour Architects though! So pretty.

photo source

This next feature, in a design by Hella Sunnahed, bridges the inside and the outside. How cool would it be to have this door leading from your living room to the outside? I am assuming there are no mosquitos where the house is lol.

photo source

photo source

I am drawn to the large scale marble tile backsplash in this kitchen by Christina Cole and Co. It is unusual to see large scale backsplash tiles in a kitchen and I advocate for attractive design choices that are unique like this! I would call this kitchen handsome, quite handsome.

photo source

This kitchen has backsplash of another sort - a patterned tile and I really, really like it. It takes this all white kitchen (or pantry?) up a notch for sure.

Interior Consultants Studio and Sérendipité Designs, and photo source

This stone apron front sink is another unexpected and very attractive design choice in the following kitchen by Lauren Liess. This kitchen is a starry night - the more you look, the more you see. The wood open shelving, the color of the perimeter cabinets paired with the black range and island are all so attractive. Another layer to this space is the cabinetry hardware - the drawer pulls to the right of the range, the black knobs on the outer cabinets and then the nickel (?) knobs on the island shows that you should not be afraid to mix and match elements in the kitchen. I am also obsessing over horizontal paneling anywhere and everywhere lately.

photo source

The very large wicker/rattan pendant over the dining room table in this next image is a great illustration of how you can transform the look of a space with a single element. I know for sure a light like this would elevate my dining room by one hundred percent even its current pre-renovation state. What about you and your dining room?

Maison Trouvaille, photo source

I am in love with the mix of tile sizes in this shower, all in the same color. This is a feature to remember and utilize, Sara Crooks Design! Love it!

photo source

The curved, fluted fireplace wall is quite a character building feature in this room by Jae Joo Designs. I think you could use any type of/style of furniture in this room, it certainly does not have to be all modern, although this room does look lovely as is, doesn't it?

photo source

This round window creates quite the sight line! The color of this cabinetry and the tone of the wood floors are also very lovely.

Kate Marker Interiors, photo source

This trellis wall is another element that can really elevate a space. It can turn a room with no architectural character into a showstopper quite quickly and if you are handy you can DIY it! Also, this orange glossy ceiling! Gorgeous.

Shelley Johnstone Design, photo source

A picture light is a great way to elevate a space, and another fairly inexpensive addition to bring a room up a notch or two. The lines of this horizontal light nestled between the sleek horizontal curtain rods creates a striking vignette.

Amy Storm & Company, photo source

To end, here is the kitchen that I love everything about. It is another kitchen by Lauren Liess and it is another starry night. Features to note: The paneled and beamed ceiling, yes, please. The mixture of lighting - there are two weighted, adjustable lights over the center table, there are two milk glass pendants over the sink and two ceiling lights (that are visible) with white globes and brass bases - all beautiful together. The windows flanking the range and above the sink go all the way down to the countertop - love that - and pairs so well with the minimal upper cabinets. The refrigerator installed flush with the wall is another great feature in this kitchen. Lastly, I love the table and stools in the middle of the kitchen with a lower shelf on the table for storage. There are so many elements worth incorporating in some fashion in a kitchen design. Love everything about it!

photo source

This concludes Manic Monday on this Monday of Thanksgiving week. I am feeling manic (in a good way!) and inspired and I hope you feel the same. I will be back tomorrow with Inspiration for My Renovation ideas gathered over the past few weeks. See you there.

Thank you for dropping by today, Kerry



Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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