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Library Love

After ending my last post with shelving in the kitchen I was inspired to create another semi-regular feature here called "Library Love". I have talked before about how much I love a library in a house. Really, I love the addition of bookshelves into any room, turning the room into a library of sorts that then serves a dual or multiple purposes. My love of bookshelves, libraries and library-type rooms leads me to save and rip out a lot of images of rooms with bookshelves. Today I am going to share with you the ones I have from over the summer. There are some beauties!

Starting off with a "traditional" home library.

I am drawn to libraries that are crammed full of books and look well loved and well used like this one.

Proving that bookshelves belong in any room!

In this room, shelves were built to compensate for the sloping ceilings and to form a window seat - charming!

I have always loved bookshelves at the top of the stairs! I wish I had enough room at the top of the stairs in my house to do this - gorgeous.

Building shelves under the stairs is a great way to add layers and beauty to a room or hallway by taking advantage of space that otherwise would go unused. The styling of these shelves is simple and extremely attractive.

I love this next one that I saved from Elle Decor magazine. The mix of artwork, wood beams, furniture, fabrics, paint colors all works so well together. This is a room that draws you in and the more you look the more you see, like a starry sky. My favorite kind of room!

Source: Elle Decor Magazine

Dark colors on the walls and vibrant fabrics on the furniture are obviously library favorites for me!

Source: Architectural Digest Magazine

This next one which was called a "reading room" in the Architectural Digest Magazine article is fantastic. It is a great example showing that you do not need built in book shelves to make a library. This is a room I would love to read in! Exquisite.

source: Architectural Digest Magazine

Now onto "the best for last", or at least the one that it is my favorite of the bunch - saying a lot since I love them all. This library is dreamy. I love the color, the simple light fixtures and trim molding, the wrap around sofa, and the four walls of bookshelves! This room is perfection to me.

I hope you are feeling the library love! I have a few questions for you about bookshelves. Do you prefer only books in the shelves, decorative items mixed in or only decorative items? Do you prefer traditional libraries or dual purpose rooms? Do you like books to be organized by color or placed in random order? I would love to know! So many ways to make your library, be it one shelf or a room full of shelves, shine.....

I will be back with the second edition of Manic Monday next week. I hope to see you there. Happy weekend.

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