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Library Love

Books. They are the answer to many a question in decorating (and in life, of course). "What should I put on this table?" "What would look best on this blank wall?" "How do I add character to this room?" "How can I use my existing lamp and have it be tall enough?" The answer to all of these questions and many more is books! Use stacks of books on tables for styling and adding height to objects. Add shelving, no matter how big or small, to open walls and corners that stump you and fill them with books. You will be so happy you did. Trust me, Library Love is real.

The windows in this library are amazing! As are the touches of blue and white, the antique furniture and the plethora of pillows on the sofa - those would start a form versus function discussion in my house :-). I am team form, what about you?

Here is another classic, gorgeous library for you you. How can you go wrong with neutral upholstery and antique furniture? You cannot. The floors are exquisite and the shelves are styled to perfection in my opinion. Love this library.

The next three libraries featured in this month's Library Love edition have modern furniture in a more traditional library setting.

I am a huge fan of grass cloth wallpaper backing shelves and this artwork is stunning.

The mix of old and new in this space is enchanting and I am always a sucker for a library ladder.

The furniture in this library looks very 1950s to me. Is that a glass ashtray on the side table? Those were certainly a staple in the 1950s (sadly). This library intrigues me because the books look to be antique/vintage bindings and the rest of the space is more fresh and modern. This is a cool (or should I say groovy?) room.

This is a rendering for a future residence. I would be happy to be the future resident and put this library/work space to good use!

photo source

This space, from the most recent Palm Beach Kips Bay Show House, is a great way to fill a lonely wall in your house. This mini-library makes a great vignette with the items on the shelves, the stacked floral artwork, and the daybed. Character created indeed!

A library in a stair landing is always a favorite of mine because it makes for a great sightline from bedrooms and below and puts what is often bare and under-valued space in the home to great use.

Another perfect place for shelving and books is the bedroom. A library in the bedroom immediately creates a calming and attractive atmosphere. Isn't this room super cozy? Love.

Books - they hold the key to so much!

Happy weekend. I will be back on Manic Monday. See you then.

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Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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