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Library Love

Hello! Today's post is January's edition of Library Love. It is where I share the images I have collected over the past month of my favorite room (library) or feature (bookshelves) in a home. Bookshelves add instant character to a space and make a definitive statement about a room based on how they are styled/filled. Take a look!

The first two libraries, with books packing every inch of their shelves, are both in the UK. I love the casual mix of comfy furniture and trinkets in English decorating. Both of these libraries are truly charming.

I love everything about this library - the wood shelves, the expanse of books, the furniture and fabrics, the sightline into the hallway - they are all fantastic. I want the sofa and the chair for myself - I love the lines of them and I am especially fond of the fabric on the chair.

The dark chocolatey brown glossy paint is the perfect choice for this cozy library. I'll sit in the little chair lol.

Bookshelves make the room! This house is in Maine, one of my favorite places, and this room is thoroughly inviting. I love the old wood timbers above the enormous fireplace - lovely.

photo source

The hallway of this house was featured in this month's Wallpaper Love post and the bookshelves in the living room are equally worthy of love, don't you think?!

Squeezing shelves in hallways and under stairs is great use of what would otherwise be unused space. These types of bookshelves add character, intrigue, and storage as seen in the next four images.

photo source

I love the paint color in this library/hallway. And the picture light, along with the artwork and bench beneath it are gorgeous.

Dining room libraries are the best!

Lastly, this wall of bookshelves behind the bed is extremely charming and attractive.

This Library Love will carry me through until Manic Monday! I hope it does for you too :-). Happy weekend.

Thank you for stopping by today, Kerry




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