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Wallpaper Love

Happy Friday! Today I have a whole lotta Wallpaper Love to share. My son spent the last weekend of the holiday break finishing up an unplanned project that was inadvertently started by my younger daughter when she picked at the brown 1990s wallpaper in our dining room. One little piece removed led to a few larger pieces being ripped off when my older daughter returned home for the holidays and the next thing you know there were swaths of space without wallpaper. I admire and appreciate my son's dedication to getting most of it down himself last weekend - leaving "the scraps" and highest pieces for me to get down. I must say I am thrilled that that particular wallpaper is gone. I would love to replace it with another wallpaper though! Following are a bunch of wallpapers that have my heart singing. I have divided them by room. Take a look!

Welcome Home.

Cheerful wallpaper in the entry sets the tone for a welcoming home.

Living with Wallpaper.

Wallpaper in the living room is a wonderful way to add a layer of definition to the space, be it casual, playful or formal.

Pantry Proud.

The wallpaper here enhances the charm of this kitchen pantry ten-fold.

Making a Splash.

A powder room or bathroom is the best room in the house to take the plunge and go bold with wallpaper - a small space that will turn into a show stopping statement in your home.

Sweet (Wallpaper) Dreams.

Wallpaper is a wonderful way to both add texture to and personalize a bedroom.

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Every time I write a Wallpaper Love post it makes me want to hang wallpaper in a different room in my house. Today I am most intrigued by wallpaper in the living room. Someday, perhaps. I will be back on Manic Monday. Happy weekend.

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Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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