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Inspiration for My Renovation

Hello. I seem to be saving inspiration for things that I am on the fence about, trying to reach a conclusion on which direction to go in my renovation. I will have to get there soon enough! This week I have two appointments with the designer on our project, one to look at plumbing fixtures and the other to look at flooring. Anticipation!

The first thing I am on the fence about is painting our existing stairs versus replacing the stair balusters, newel posts, and banisters all together. Our current plan is to replace everything and open up the wall to the basement stairs and have both sets of stairs match completely. Lately I have been moving towards not opening the wall to the basement stairs though for a variety of reasons - reduce the sound coming from the basement (which will become the primary family room), more wall space in the entry hall, and most importantly, a cost reduction. We will have to replace the basement stair balusters, newel post, and banister regardless because they are falling to pieces. What currently exists in the basement is minimal though. All this has led me to start saving images of painted stairs. The next decision will be what color to paint them? Do I paint the treads, risers, and stringers too? Will I need a runner? Inspiration for all of this will be coming I am sure!

These black stairs are dramatic and I really like them. That long red painting is stunning too.

Another decision I am trying to make is whether to and then where to paint the trim dark in the house. The color of this laundry room is very similar to the color I am planning to use on the kitchen cabinets and I really like the dark window trim with it. Decisions, decisions.

I have really been on the fence about having a stainless steel refrigerator/freezer or a built-in, cabinet-front fridge. I am leaning heavily towards a cabinet-front one now. The refrigerator/freezer has to be counter depth because of the dimensions of the wall niche where it will be located. The floor to ceiling (glass front top) cabinet containing all my glassware and tableware will also be in the niche. I think the seamless look of all cabinetry, like below, is (almost) definitely the way to go.

Another kitchen decision. I talked to the renovation team about putting in a bookshelf to bridge the transition from the range wall to the built in bench wall (located in the bizarre triangle part of the kitchen) and this shelf provides major inspiration for the simple lines I want for the shelving. A little library love in the kitchen - yay!

We are planning to have an arched opening into the master bathroom shower so I have started to save every arched shower door I see.

I also really like the look of these cabinets with the arch detail - maybe for the master closet? Arch overload? I don't think so!

This image features the same washer and dryer that I currently have (and will use after the renovation) - they are actually a bit lower than standard counter top height and I love the way there are trim pieces to close the gap in the laundry room below. A detail to replicate for sure!

I have these same lights in my master bedroom and in the library. I struggle with the right height to hang them and this picture looks spot on for the bed! I need to remember this!

This incredibly gorgeous laundry room has me completely rethinking the scheme for the upstairs hall bathroom. I am in love with these floors, and the wall color, and the light fixture, and the pegs, and the window treatments. Love, love, love.

I have a rule that for any new/renovated bathroom, there must be a handheld shower component. It is a necessity (not a luxury in my humble opinion) for cleaning the bathroom and a luxury for cleaning yourself. I love the look of this fixture set for the upstairs or basement tub/shower in my house.

I love this light fixture.

In our last meeting with the builders we discussed how when we expand our gym space in the basement the back wall will extend beyond the current location of the furnace drain in the utility room. Rather than dig out the basement concrete floor and relocate the drain or run a hose to the sump pump drain (which would run all through what will be the only storage space in the basement), as the builder suggested, I came up with the idea of putting shelves in the gym with the bottom part actually forming an open box on the drain side to allow plenty of space and airflow to keep the drain where it is and then have built in shelves above that "box" on the gym side for hand weights, towels, etc. Soon after that meeting, I came across this picture which is similar to what I was envisioning for the shelves. I think it will work just fine!

There you have it. These are the things that are keeping me up at night lately lol. I will be back tomorrow with a Food For Thought post. See you there.

Thank you for joining me today, Kerry




Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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