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Library Love

Happy Friday! Fresh off yesterday's Either Or post about placing books in shelves with either the spine showing or the fore-edge showing it is time to show Library (in general) Love for December. There are some beauties this month for sure! I have broken them into libraries that have the shelves painted in color, libraries paneled in wood, one outside library, libraries with their shelves painted in white, and ending with my favorite - a dining room library. Check it out!

I will kick off with this vibrant green step down library. The touches of red, the simple wicker pendant and pine door all make this space extremely appealing.

A green library of a different kind. This library is quite polished. I really like the collection of inlay boxes in the top shelves. I always think it is best to either put decorative objects on the very tops shelves, since they are hard to reach, or books that you do not need access to on a regular basis. Having a collection that runs across the top shelves is even better.

My older daughter sent me a link to this account which I believe is in Turkey. All they do is post beautiful library pictures. Although I could post many images from the account, I kept it at the next two for now. The tall, stocked shelves and comfortable furniture in these spaces are what libraries are all about.

photo source

photo source

I love so much about this next room: the high gloss dark walls, the abstract artwork over the fireplace, the mixture of fabrics and patterns, the fabric sconce above the shelves and of course the books. This room is beautiful.

Here is another beauty. It too has a beautiful fabric on the window shade that complements the color of the shelves so well. I also really like the symmetry provided by the matching blue and white vases on the shelves flanking the window. The bench seat over the radiator seems the perfect spot to cozy up with a book in the colder weather. This room is lovely all around.

I am a real fan of the juxtaposition of this room. The elements slant heavily towards modern looking first at the furniture and steel doors. The books in the shelves all look old though. Put it all together and it looks great.

A couple of wood paneled libraries now. I think wood paneling is synonymous with "traditional library" and these next two, with their tall ceilings and French doors leading to the yard are beautiful representations of that.

Here is the outside library! What a luxurious space with its the fireplace, deep purple velvet chairs and center table. Wow.

m.elle, photo source

Transitioning into libraries with shelves painted white as opposed to being painted a color... This first one is homey and collected. You can tell that this is a well used family space that has gotten more and more layered over time. I love to see photo albums in the shelves and family pictures on them - that is the best feel for a home library - loved and well used.

This library/office is striking (in a great way)! The artwork and furnishings are exceptional. I also really like the use of the wall to wall jute/sea grass rug. The simplicity of the rug lets the pieces and books in the room really stand out.

These are beautifully styled shelves, with few books I grant you. The sightline to blue and white in the hallway from this step down room - rich with a neutral palate is too pretty not to share though.

I stumbled upon this account and fell in love with the house it revolves around. The next three pictures are from the house. The first two are different views of the same room and the third is the room across the entry hall (I am guessing as you can see the round table in the background of both spaces through doors). The wood ceilings, white walls, artwork, layered lighting and plethora of blue and white make me want to move right in!

The wall of shelves following the ceiling line in this bedroom is charming. I would wake up every morning feeling full of possibility when I looked at the books and artwork in this room.

This elegant library adjacent to the master bedroom is truly luxurious. I love all the touches of blue and white in the space too - so lovely!

The finale - a dining room library that is not actually a dining room, it is actually in a store in Bath, England. No matter, I would take this as my dining room in a heartbeat. The large window, the color of the walls, the gorgeous old floors, mismatched chairs - all of it! I love it so much. (On a side note, the books are mostly showing their fore-edge in here).

Aesop Bath, England Store, photo source

A lot of libraries to love today! I will be back for Manic Monday. Until then, Happy Weekend.

Thank you for being here today,





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