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Inspiration For My Renovation

I was updated by the builder last week that we are still a few weeks away from receiving the final proposal for our renovation. The anticipation, along with the never ending news on inflation heading up and up, is making me anxious to say the least. As a result, I seem to be focusing on ideas that minimize the scope of my project slightly and inspire me to work a bit more with what I already have than wholesale take it out. Does that make sense?

Here's what I have saved over the past couple of weeks. Any thoughts/ideas down below in comments are much appreciated.

My front hall doesn't look exactly like this one (who am I kidding, not even close! - yet), it does have a few elements in common though. The entryway is two stories high and there is a ledge over the front door with a window above it that is not flush with the front door. My current plan is to push the front door out in my house so that it is flush with the window above. It is also my current plan to paint my entryway and upstairs hallway white. This image gives me comfort that if we end up not pushing out the door to save a little money, it could still look really, really pretty like this one.

My obsession over what color or color combination to paint the stairs in my house has simmered down, I did save this image though because I thought the all navy stairs with a neutral colored runner look amazing.

This image made me think about my plan to put my copper topped round table (you can see it in this post) in the space that connects the front entryway, great room, circle room, and kitchen. You can see in the image below that there is an outlet in the floor under the table. This is something I want to do if it is possible when the new wood floors are installed in my house. I had outlets put in the floors of my Holland house and they make such a difference keeping cords out of sight and in offering flexibility with light placement. It would be lovely to have a lamp on my table where the cord just fades below.

Another thing that is in my current design is to center the doors that lead from the space where the copper topped round table (discussed above) is into the adjoining circle room. This image makes me think it would be not the worst thing to happen if we ended up leaving the doorway as is to save a little money. This room looks very attractive with chairs and door off center from each other.

I want to replace the ceiling fan in the great room with a cool, sprawling light fixture to bridge the space between the sitting area and the entryway/kitchen/circle room connection area. This light fixture is a gorgeous contender!

In my kitchen, my plan is to have a cabinet that looks somewhat like an armoire as the food pantry and the microwave/toaster station. I had not thought about a pullout shelf for the toaster, it is a brilliant idea though!

We want a pool table in the basement family room and this one is giving me major inspiration vibes. It is quite handsome, don't you think?

photo source

I talked in this post about wanting a light over the tub in the master bathroom and the code restrictions that limit options because of how close the bottom of a fixture can be to the top of the tub. Something like this light could work, I think, without breaking code or installing it after the fact. I love the wicker shade.

Something I have been thinking a lot about is the fact that there are textured ceilings in every room of my house and I say to John all of the time "they've got to go" and he replies "that's too much Kerry" (that's not exactly what he says - add a few "insane"s and "no way"s and you're getting close). My mind has been wandering in painted ceiling territory. If the ceilings stay as is and are painted in a high gloss color or a flat color, how would that look? I am so tempted to start experimenting. I haven't done it yet. I will keep you posted. These next three images have painted color ceilings with white walls, granted no texture. Something to explore though, don't you think?

This entire dining room is amazing and is what got me thinking about high gloss on the ceiling.....High gloss black, do you think that would garner some "insane"s from John!?!

Moving to the outside of the front entry. If we end up leaving the door placement as is, I really like the idea of adding some type of archway around the exterior leading to the non flush door. Another thing I will be working on a potential design for.....a more modern Ohio take (for a brick and stucco 1996 house) on these historic English home fronts.

Lastly, we have stepping stones to the back deck and off of the back patio in our yard that right now are surrounded by grass seed. Waiting for the grass to grow! This image intrigued me about the potential of putting some type of ground cover down between the stepping stones that will not need to be mowed/weed whacked. I will be looking into this too.

Green, photo source

This post seems to have given me a to do list! If nothing else, I will be fully prepared with options when the renovation proposal arrives. I will be back tomorrow. See you then.

Thank you for following along,


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12. Apr. 2022

Can’t wait to see the proposal. Do like the hi gloss ceiling.

Gefällt mir


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