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Inspiration For My Renovation

Hello. I am in a bit of a holding pattern right now. John and I are waiting to hear back on how our actual proposal matches up with the estimated proposal we received when we began our renovation expedition way back in November 2020. How is that even possible!?! In my mind I am wrestling with the fact (in our favor) that we have narrowed the scope (slightly) and the fact (out of our control and favor) that prices continue to rise (dramatically) and it is keeping me up at night! Needless to say, we are most likely in for quite a shock and will have to revise and proceed accordingly.

Nonetheless, I am still focusing on some decorating details and a lot (too much) on how the stairs could eventually look. Positive thoughts and little details are the current mantra. This is what I have collected over the past couple of weeks.

I am still toying with the idea of painting the trim a darker color than the white walls we will eventually have throughout most of the house. I think this kitchen looks fantastic with the darker trim. In this room the trim matches the cabinets. I would not match the kitchen cabinet color in my house though because the plan is for the kitchen to be Mouse's Back by Farrow & Ball and although I love the color, it is darker than what I would want the trim to be throughout the first and second floor of my house. It is unavoidable that it needs to span the house because the majority of the first floor, including the entire two story entry way, and upstairs hallways share walls and I want all of the trim to match.

photo source

I love the look of these chairs for the dining room. In the last Inspiration For My Renovation post I also included a set of dining room chairs with skirted bottoms. I am loving this look!

John was hard at work on making the shutters for our house over the past few weekends and then because it was so cold this weekend progress stalled. We are doing something very similar to these shutters. Do you like? Tomorrow I will do a Sixth House Update post and show you how the ones for my house are looking so far.

Perhaps this will be the last post where I talk about (obsess about?) my stairs. The problem is, I like the contrast of the dark treads, post, and handrails with the white balusters...

I like the dark handrail and posts with the rest white....

I like pale wood treads and handrails with the the remaining stair parts white....

And I also like everything white except the treads....

I do not know what to do! I need to play Pin the Tail on the Stair Inspiration Image a la the Donkey.

I know if I end up having painted white treads that I do love the detail on this runner for sure though!

Last inspiration/idea of today's post - these Roman shades with ticking stripe fabric lined with a contrasting stripe fabric on the reverse side. Beautiful.

I will be back tomorrow with an update on what is actually happening around my house right now :-). See you then.

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Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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