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Inspiration For My Renovation

The Ides of March are upon us, beware. This is paraphrase of a very old expression and I typed it without even really knowing what it meant so I decided to do a little research. The actual quote "beware the Ides of March" is so well known because the line was spoken by a fortune teller to Julius Caesar in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar play. The line foretold the day of Caesar's death by assassination. The line from the play is ominous and infamous,"Ides" is not though. Ides represented the middle day of the month (all months, not just March) in ancient Roman times. Days before and after the Ides of the month were divided into separate periods of time ranging from one to seven days. You can learn all sorts of things around here! Let's pray that the Ides of March in 2022 brings peace and the expression is turned from an ominous one into one of pure elation.

I have been continuing to save images for my renovation, specifically decorating choices and ideas for the finer details because the overall design is complete and I am forcing myself to keep it that way (at least until we get the final estimate for the project!). Previous Inspiration posts may be found here. These began as a free for all of ideas and have now narrowed down to specifics.

The detail I am most focused on right now is the look for the stairs. Initially my plan was to replace the balusters, handrails, and newel posts completely and now I have started to think it may make more sense financially to paint what is here already. I thought I had myself convinced to paint everything, including the treads, white and add a runner. Now I find myself leaning more towards a dark color for some or all of the stair parts. This is what I have gathered over the past two weeks:

I am a fan of the white contrasted by the dark treads and handrails on these stairs.

I really like the all dark balusters, handrail, and posts on these stairs. I will have to see what the existing stair treads look like in my house (without the carpet that has been on them since the house was built in 1996) before deciding on stain or paint. If they could look like this stained, I'm in!

Mostly white is very pretty too. I also really like the paneling on the wall under the stringer. If I end up going with all (or mostly) white, paneling would be a great way to add interest to the stairs because the walls in the entry hall will also all be white.

All dark stairs with a runner looks really nice too. Decisions, decisions.

DHD, photo source

I am still far from deciding on what to do with the stairs in case you cannot tell!

This image reinforces my thought to put a woven globe in my two story entry. I think it would look amazing.

photo source

I am planning to paint the library walls and millwork all the same color (Benjamin Moore Brewster Gray) in my house. There will be a cased opening between the library and the circle room. The paint matching the walls on the interior of the cased openings in the library below intrigues me. I had initially planned to use white on the inside of my library's cased opening and not the library wall color. Something to think about....

This room has the ceiling the same color as the walls and woodwork and I had not planned to do that in the library either. It also has the window trim painted white instead of matching the walls, woodwork, and ceiling. More things to think about.....

I guess I still need to decide about exposed hinges in the kitchen. I plan to use painted wood knobs on the cabinetry in my kitchen and have hidden hinges. This image makes me want to rethink that though!

deVol, photo source

I love the look of these chairs for my dining room! I currently have old chairs from a consignment store in Salt Lake City, Utah that I purchased almost twenty-five years ago that really should be replaced for daily dining. I need chairs that can slide completely under the table because the room is narrow and the chairs also need to be comfortable. It seems that something like the chairs below would check both of those boxes.

This mirror looks so pretty above the dresser/nightstand. Something to consider when decorating the master bedroom for sure.

I am working on finalizing the master closet design and although I would love to have all closed storage, I do not think it is in the cards because it would go from semi-custom to all custom. This closet makes me feel pretty good about that though!

My current plan is to have black matte penny tile on the wall behind the sink in the laundry room, I love the bead board in this one though. Hmmm....

That is a wrap for today. By the next Inspiration for my Renovation post in two weeks I should have a much more concrete view of timing for demo to start and pricing for the project - both exciting and frightening. I will be back tomorrow with a Starry Night post. See you then.

Thank you for being here today,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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