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Inspiration For My Renovation

Hello! My renovation is temporarily (hopefully) on hold (I posted about that here) because of uncertainty at my husband's job. As a result, I have shifted my focus to mostly looking for ideas that achieve the overall look I want at a lower price point. What follows are the images I have gathered over the past month.

Starting with the outside....

I posted about upgrading the furniture on my home's deck and patio here. This is the vibe I am going for. Rattan and/or wicker and blue and white - how can you go wrong!?! You cannot.

photo source

I also would love to have an awning over the sliding door that leads from the kitchen to the back deck. It is an awkward space because one outside wall by the door is straight and the other angles out to the right, something like this might be able to work though. I really appreciate the simple lines of the support mechanism of this awning and the way that it rolls up to nothing at the roof line.

photo source

Now to the inside....

I always have the question of what color or color combination to paint the stairs in my house running through my mind, until now, I think. (I decided a long time ago to paint the existing stairs rather than replace them as a cost savings). These green treads are very cheery.

Black treads and risers look sleek with white railings.

Ultimately though, I have decided to have white risers, black treads, white stringers and balusters and a black handrail with a runner going up the stairs, most likely sisal like this. It's classic and you cannot go wrong with classic. So, this should be the last Inspiration post where I talk about painting the stairs!

I love the simplicity of these bookshelves. As a savings, I plan to have John (lucky John!) build the shelves in the library once the structural changes are made to the room - changing the size of the opening from the front hall and opening the back of the room up to the "circle room". All along I have wanted simple lines for the shelves and this space spoke to me.

I have always planned as part of the decor for the library and circle room to layer rugs - a jute or sisal rug as the base and a vintage rug from my Nana on top in the library and a cow hide rug on top in the circle room. This image has inspired me to consider using wall to wall sisal carpeting in the two rooms and layering the rugs on top of that to save the cost of wood flooring in these rooms. This seems to make sense (cents) and does not sacrifice the overall look I want.

I do not know if I will need to change my countertop and backsplash choice in the kitchen. The kitchen only requires a backsplash behind the range and my current plan/wish is to have a slab of soapstone, both on the counters and as the backsplash. I have had a lot of trouble finding slabs of soapstone I like though and an alternative material may be a cost savings as well. I really love the way the marble backsplash in this kitchen meets the tiled walls. This kitchen has me thinking of options for sure because this kitchen is exquisite.

I am planning to have a built in bench under the windows in my kitchen (here is the kitchen design post). The current plan is to have cabinetry/drawers for storage as the base. This image has me considering building a base, without the cabinetry, to save a little money. I have to really think about the storage I would be losing to see if it ultimately makes sense. This is an option for sure though.

The windows in my kitchen are very similar to the windows in Nancy Meyer's kitchen, decorated by Mark D. Sikes. I would move right into any home in a Nancy Meyer's film and I for sure would move right into her house! I have already purchased custom shades from India for my entire first floor, I really love the look of these cafe curtains in the windows though! Charming. Food for thought. Also, please note how the cabinetry surrounding the range is pushed forward to allow for a marble alcove with a ledge behind the range in the second picture. That is genius!

photo source

photo source

I have a very similar floor tile picked out for my mudroom, laundry room, and powder room and I love the look of the grout used for the floor here. I also really like the white subway tile border on the floor.

My current design for the backsplash in the laundry room is penny round tile. I love the look of these vertical boards though and they would be an attractive cost savings.

I love the intimate look of this tub. My issue with it is the lack of access to the windows. If a drop-in tub were a big savings though, I would consider something that looks similar to this since the tub will already be between two walls. Not my first choice, I could live with it though.

I am also thinking a lot about floor choices in the master bathroom. It is a large space and a reduction in the cost of materials for the floor could make a difference for sure. The current plan is hexagon Carrara marble tiles. I really like the flooring in the next two bathrooms and I love the look of the rug in the first one too.

photo source

Last image. This is a home office/studio space that has me dreaming of replacing the planned ping pong/pool table in the basement with a set up like this! Stacks of books, room to work, a place for others to join - it looks like perfection to me! Sorry family.

That's a wrap for this month's Inspiration for my Renovation. I am choosing to look on the bright side - I believe the delays in starting my interior renovation are gifts that are providing the best possible design and outcome.

Have a great week and thank you for reading today,


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Jul 19, 2022

I like layer rug. Plain roll out sisel with decorative rug looks great and can always change.



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