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Furniture Fever

Happy Friday! I wrote a blog post about nook beds in February which got my mind thinking about canopy beds and I really haven't stopped. When I was in fifth and sixth grade my best friend, Ann Marie, had a canopy bed in her room, so did her sister, and so did the guest bedroom in her house. I was envious of each and every one of those beds. As I aged my desire for a canopy bed dissipated as I considered them more for a child's room than the adult I was becoming. That has changed. There are some beautiful, adult bedrooms with canopy beds and I have the fever for them!

When I first think of canopy beds for adults I think about old castles and royal/noble bedrooms - ornate beds that shielded the lady of the house with curtains when necessary because she was so very important. The beds and my thought process have come a long way.

These first two bedrooms have a slight nod to that "royal" perception.

This is a room I wouldn't want to leave. I'll take my breakfast in bed, please.

photo source

I love the way the lumbar pillows match the colors in the canopy fabric - so pretty!

These next six bedrooms are a nod to "the lady of the house's" quarters as they are far more feminine in feel.

photo source

This is one is more like a lady's lounge space with a daybed canopy.

Jett, photo source

This mix of fabrics is gorgeous.

photo source unknown

I love the painted floor in this pink on pink on pink bedroom.

photo source

The last five bedrooms are for the shared master suite, I would say.

Canopy beds are perfect for the tropics!

photo source

This bedroom looks like a dream guest room. Way nicer than the one in my old friend Ann Marie's house!

Love, love, love the Suzani on this beautiful canopy bed.

Another tropical room. This raffia covered canopy bed is amazing!

Are you feeling sleepy yet? This next room provides all you need to be at rest after a long day. Beautiful.

Happy long weekend! I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day. I will be back with a Manic Monday (on Tuesday) post.

Sweet dreams,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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