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Furniture Fever

In the last Furniture Fever post I was pining over a tête à tête sofa and this month I have come down with a complementary case of coffee table fever, in particular I have the sickness for a "low coffee table". One that is lower to the ground than your typical coffee table. Most coffee tables are between fifteen and seventeen inches high, close to level of the height of the bottom cushion of seating and lately I have been wanting to incorporate something that is obviously visually lower than the seat cushions of the surrounding chairs and sofas.

Following are rooms that would cure my fever. Low coffee tables come in all sorts of styles and finishes and any will do to cure my fever!

Low Coffee Tables with Curves

photo source

Low Architectural Salvage Coffee Table

Low Mid Century Modern Slatted Wood Coffee Tables

Low Simple, Large Wood Coffee Tables

Low Block Like Coffee Tables

Side note on this picture, this coffee table, painted Farrow & Ball Mouse's Back is what made me want to paint my kitchen cabinets this color when I saw it a magazine long ago. It spoke to me.

photo source

photo source

Stone Coffee Tables

There is something about a "low coffee table" that is inviting and chic, don't you think?

I will be back for Manic Monday. Happy weekend.

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