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Food For Thought: Kitchen Island or Table?

Happy Wednesday! I am starting a new feature today called Food For Thought, it is basically like the Either Or feature I started almost two weeks ago except Food For Thought will focus solely on kitchen elements. Today I am showing kitchens that have either what is thought of as a "traditional" island (an extension of the cabinetry) or a work/dining table in the center. I have paired up ten options to compare to give you plenty of courses of this food (for thought)!

Choice One

These are both white kitchens with beams and black lights, the first with an island, the second with a table. Which do you prefer?

source, design by deVol

Choice Two

These both have wood beams, wood floors, and statement lighting. Island or table?

source, design by Diane Keaton

Choice Three

One with a dark island, one with dark cabinets; one with an island, one with a table. Which one for you?

Choice Four

Wood beams, large pendant lights and statement range hoods. Island for four, table for six?

Choice Five

Two statement kitchens in every way. One with two islands, the other with a table (and a library!). Which does your gut lead you to!?

source, design by Lauren Buxbaum Gordon of Nate Berkus Associates

Choice Six

Paneled ceilings, tall cabinets, and marble countertops. Large island in one, narrow table in the other. Decisions, decisions....

Choice Seven

Both of these kitchens have dark cabinets, brass/copper accents and lower open storage. Would you rather sit at the island or the table?

source, design by deVol

Choice Eight

These kitchens have similar wood tones - one coming from the island in the center, the other from the table in the middle. Is one calling your name?

Choice Nine

The next pair of kitchens both have painted cabinets and white lights. One a working island and one a working table. Which one works for you?

Choice Ten

Paneled ceilings, black range hood, and stacked cabinets - check. Large two level island for the first, long antique table for the second. This one is a really hard choice (for me at least).

Tipping Point?

Do you have a clear favorite - table or island? There are some gorgeous islands in these pictures, my heart goes for the table though, almost every time. My score is eight for the tables, one for the island (choice two), and one is a tie (choice ten). I was thinking about this and have concluded that is because in every house we had when I was growing up, my parents always had a table in the kitchen. We lived in seven houses and not one of them had an island. My last house is the first house I have owned that had an island in the kitchen and I loved it. The kitchen called for it. So does the kitchen in my current house. I think if a kitchen will not have enough storage without an island, and has space for an island then it is essential. This is most certainly the case with my current kitchen. I cannot wait until there is a large, beautiful island in there! If there is plenty of storage and room for the sink, dishwasher(s), and microwave without an island, I would much rather have a table though. What do you think? What was your final score? I would love to know.

To end this post, I am sharing two of my all time favorite kitchens, neither with a traditional island :-).

I will be back tomorrow with another installment of Move In Ready. See you then.

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