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Food For Thought

Today on the menu I have kitchen island seating options to consider. Do you prefer traditional stools at the island or perhaps a bench and table at the end of the island? Both have their advantages. Both are quite attractive. I have some examples of each option for you to consider and then I will "offer" my "entrée" of choice at the end :-)

I will alternate options. First up, stools. This kitchen has a very large island with five Windsor style stools.

Second "course" is a bench at the back of the island with a table and chairs. Do you like this less traditional take on island seating?

This large island accommodates seven stools and is stunning in its simplicity as a work/eating surface only.

This kitchen has a formal bench and table, as well as a couple of stools at the island. Best of both worlds.

I really like how the waterfall edge on this island envelops the stools. The gray stone is unique and quite attractive too.

I love the oval Saarinen (type) table behind this island. It allows for easier access in to and out of the bench.

from House Beautiful August/September 2021 Issue, design by Jeffrey Dungan

Simplicity (love) and symmetry (love) and stools at this island! The light fixtures above the island are extraordinary too - they almost disappear from a distance and on closer inspection make a huge impact on the space. Really attractive.

This bench and table provide seating for eight in this gorgeous kitchen.

Unexpected and quite attractive to have drawers on the stool side of the island - this island is plenty big enough to handle both though!

This kitchen has a built in curved bench at the end of the island, allowing for a round table - great way to make use of the narrower kitchen space.

This long island has more than enough room for four stools.

photo source

A couple of "specials" on the menu.....

This island has a table connected right to it without the bench. I think it really suits the smaller scale of this kitchen. Do you like it?

Lastly, a kitchen with a round table backing up to its second island. I love the lamps on the second island and the simplicity of these islands that provide the majority of counter/work space in this lovely, long kitchen.

Do you have a clear winner between an island with stools or a bench (with a table and chairs) backing up to the island? My preference, if the kitchen has the space for it, is a bench against the island with a table and chairs that face the island. I have a number of reasons for this configuration choice:

  1. It allows for an eat in kitchen with more comfortable seating than stools

  2. It takes up less space than a completely separate, stand alone kitchen table

  3. It provides the ability to sit and face the kitchen when in the chairs and talk to the cook without full view of the prep space or the ability to sit and face the space beyond the kitchen when on the bench - typically the family room/great room in today's homes - it is a great way to unite the two spaces

  4. Lastly it is an easy way to add character and pattern to the kitchen with the table, bench fabric, and chair choices

I would love to know what you would choose! I do not think you can go wrong with either! I will be back tomorrow with the first post in a new series called "Feature Fever". See you there.

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Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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