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Food For Thought

Happy December! Today, as food for thought, I am taking a look at two options for range placement in a kitchen. Specifically, to niche or not to niche? A lot of ranges available today are statement pieces on their own. Even relatively "simple" ranges can become statement pieces with "the right ingredients" used to house the range though. And "fancy" ranges are further elevated with the right "dressing". Either a decorative hood or a niche can make any range a standout. Here is "a serving" of both types of placement to "nibble on". I'm out of puns :-)

To start off, this double island kitchen has a large range niche with simple lines.

This double island kitchen has an open range with a statement hood.

L&B, photo source

This kitchen has a niche with niches in it for cooking accoutrements.

This kitchen has an open range with a curved, decorative hood.

The curved range niche is this kitchen with its pattered tiled backsplash is charming.

This statement hood with a patterned backsplash is stunning.

The view into this curved niche shows off the ample, open storage that can be incorporated into a niche.

This hood is tall and simple and a statement for sure.

The black niche in this kitchen, paired with the black windows and countertops is quite, quite attractive. I also love the slipcovered chairs at the kitchen table!

This hood is tiled to seamlessly blend in with the backsplash and is stunning in its simplicity.

This pretty niche has a rustic feel and creates a great sightline between the side by side islands.

This statement hood has the suggestion of a niche with the flanking cabinetry. The sconces are a great touch too.

I really like the shelf feature on the exterior of this niche.

The following kitchen is stunning with its simple white hood and shiny backsplash tile. I also love, love, love the shelf capping the backsplash - beautiful detail.

The next kitchen has a generous, wide niche with very handsome light fixtures. I am also a fan of the slab backsplash - it makes a serious impact without any grout lines.

This kitchen has a simple, attractive hood over the range and a continuous backsplash throughout which combine for a very appealing space. The rug brings it all together too.

I love this kitchen, it oozes charm with its soapstone walled niche, soapstone backsplash and countertops, cabinet color, mix of lighting with character, and the rug. Love it all!

A statement hood indeed for this clean lined kitchen.

I really like the peak of stainless steel on the range hood in this niche.

The range has a very open feel in this pretty kitchen.

photo source

This kitchen combines some of the niche elements featured above - side niches in the range niche and a shelf detail that caps the niche opening. This kitchen is a beauty!

The statement hood in the following kitchen is the defining detail of the space. Wow.

photo source

The wood front to this hood - which matches the wood cabinets flanking the range in this niche - is a great looking detail.

This open, marble tiled hood is so pretty and packs a wow punch for sure.

This last charming kitchen demonstrates a hybrid of sorts. It has the feel of a niche and the openness of a hood. Quite lovely, isn't it?

deVol, photo source

After chomping (last pun, I promise!) on "to niche or not to niche" what are you thinking? My advice is to make ample counter space around the range the number one consideration. If you have limited space, I would recommend against a niche. If you have plenty of space, I personally prefer a niche that has flanking cabinetry or solid walls rather than walls with built in utensil/spice/oil niches because of the splattering that occurs when cooking. Closed storage is clean(er) storage. I love the aesthetics of either a statement hood or a niche though. I do not think you can go wrong with either!

I will be back tomorrow with an It's All in the Details post. See you then.

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