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Either Or?: Sectional Sofa Placement

This is the second installment of Either Or? In the first one I talked about using either a stand alone tub or a built in bathtub. Today I am going to share some images with you so you can ponder where you would prefer to place a sectional sofa. Should sectionals either be up against a wall or floating?

Do you prefer either this floating sectional in a sunroom?

Or do you like the sectional nestled into the corner?

Do you like either this floating green sectional?

Or this secure green sectional?

Would you choose either a floating leather sectional?

Or a white sectional against the wall?

photo source

Do you fancy your blue velvet sectional either floating?

Or in a colorful corner?

Would you choose either a sectional to sink into with space behind it for bookshelves?

Or a comfy couch close to the wall?

O & S, photo source

What about either a big blue sectional with space to circle the entire room?

Or space in front of the sectional only?

For added intrigue, what about a built in sectional under a charming diamond pattern window?

Do you have your answer? All of these rooms are welcoming and attractive so it is a hard choice! My answer and advice to the Either Or sectional question is that it depends primarily on the size of the room. If you have a large/substantial room, the sectional should be floating in the room. If you have a small space or want to turn a portion of a larger space into a "cozy nook" place the sectional against the wall and preferably in a corner. Whichever option you choose, please remember to consider the windows and the doors in the room when determining size and placement of your sectional. Be sure not to block the traffic pattern or ability to utilize the windows.

I will be back tomorrow with a new Library Love post. See you there.

Thank you for playing Either Or with me today, Kerry




Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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