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Either Or

Hello. In the last Either Or post I presented rooms with two sofas that were Either matching Or different from each other. Today I am looking at an architectural design choice for "disappearing" interior doors. Would you prefer to have Either a jib door that blends in seamlessly with the wall Or a pocket door that slides inside the wall?

Eight choices to consider.....

Would you rather have this jib door that would disappear when shut.....

Studio Black Ink, photo source

.....or these pocket doors that disappear when open?

photo source

Would you rather push in a door that matches the wainscoting to get to your pantry.....

Humphrey Munson, photo source

....or slide the pantry door open?

Holly Shipman Interior Design, photo source

Would you prefer to have a closet door that matches the paneling in the hall.....

R. Higgins Interiors, photo source

.....or pocket doors that lead to your dressing room? Love the combination of paint colors taken from the fireplace surround in this space!

Bryan Graybill, photo source

A pantry jib door....

deVol, photo source

.....or pocket door?

Humphrey Munson, photo source

How about a bookcase jib door in the library? My children have wanted one of these forever so I know their choice for this one.....

Peter Marino Architect, photo source

.....or pocket doors surrounded by shelving?

Humphrey Munson, photo source

Would you rather a blue and white wallpapered door to the basement.....

Edith-Anne Duncan Design, photo source

.....or a blue door to the laundry room?

photo source

Last choice. Would you prefer a jib door in an historical home.....

Joris Van Apers, photo source

.....or a pocket door in a modern laundry room?

photo source

How do you wish to enter and exit the bathroom? Through a wallpapered jib door......

photo source

.....or a glass paneled pocket door?

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, photo source

Both pocket doors and jib doors add a little "something something" to your home. Pocket doors are a great way to conserve floor space in tight areas so that you do not have to worry about leaving room for a door to swing open and shut. They tend to be more of a practical option that can be dressed up with glass and hardware. Really large paneled pocket doors, like those found in old "mansions" can also be quite dramatic though. Jib doors are far more fanciful and decorative and offer a way to add visual interest and intrigue to your space. They too can be dramatic with their secretive nature though, especially with a bookcase front!

If floorspace was not a concern, which would you choose? I would love to know!

I will be back tomorrow with a Wallpaper Love post, the first post of April, no foolin'! See you then:-)

Thank you for reading today, Kerry



Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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