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Either Or

Hello! Today I am posing this question to you: how do you/would you prefer to store your inside firewood stash? If given the choice, would you prefer either a container of some sort next to the fireplace or a built-in "nook" next to the fireplace?

I have five Either Or scenarios for you to consider your preferences.

This serene room has a tall nook next to the fireplace...

...and this tranquil dining room has a basket to hold the wood for the fireplace. Which do you prefer? I know one thing for certain, I would love a fireplace in the dining room no matter what!

Both fireplaces for Either Or choice number two have wood mantels and there the similarity ends. Do you prefer the storage nook....

...or the crock?

Two statement fireplaces for Either Or option three. This substantial stone fireplace makes room for a nook.....

....and this brick and concrete fireplace has an old trunk next to it for firewood. Which would you prefer?

How about the choice between either a white and bright dining room with an accompanying firewood nook..... (again, yes to the dining room fireplace!)

....or a dark sitting room with a dark basket for the firewood?

The final Either Or choice: an elevated firewood nook in this sleek room.....

...or a basket atop these gorgeous wood floors?

Have you made up your mind? Do you always prefer one option over the other? I have mixed feelings. My first choice would be something next to the fireplace that has its own personality - a vintage crock, basket or box - because how and where you store your firewood is an opportunity to add both a layer in and character to the room. That being said, built in "nooks" can be the perfect solution depending on the room; I particularly like them with kitchen fireplaces:

Nooks also work very well with modern architecture and spaces that have limited floor or wall space. The ultimate considerations for a firewood nook for me are how often the fireplace is used and the size of the nook. If the firewood is used and replaced regularly, a generous sized, easy to access nook works very well. I would not incorporate a nook that goes to the ceiling no matter how often it is used, to me it is unpractical - it is not easy to fill the nook to that height and it is difficult to remove wood at arm level without (what could be disastrous) shifting in the wood pile. Lastly, I prefer firewood nooks that are part of the actual fireplace construction rather than in a space created in the wall next to the fireplace.

I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

I will be back tomorrow with June's edition of Wallpaper Love. See you there!

Thank you for playing Either Or with me today,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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