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Either Or?: Bathtubs

Hello! I am starting a new feature today called "Either Or?" where I will look at a particular design element and chat a bit about the options available. Today I am talking about bathtub options, particularly master bathroom stand alone tub options. There are four main options for including a tub as a fourth element in the master bath. The two most traditional are stand alone soaker tubs and built in tubs. The next two options are slightly more adventurous - a tub placed within the shower area or a tub in the center of the bathroom.

I am curious to know after you look at the pictures, which would you choose?

I will start with some images for stand alone tubs.

April Tomlin Interiors

source, design by Katie LeClercq

Brandon Architects, design by Brooke Wagner Design

source, design by Marie Flanigan Interiors

Amber Interiors

Amber Interiors

Studio McGee

I love the whole vibe of this bathroom, the stone floor and brass shower combination are stunning and having a chair in the bathroom is a favorite feature of mine.

House Seven Design

Here are some images of built in tubs to ponder.

source: from my binder archives

Amber Interiors

source: from my binder archives

source: from my binder archives

I love this little table next to the tub.

source: from my binder archives

How awesome it would be to have a fireplace in the bathroom! Talk about ambiance when taking a bath!

source: from by binder archives

This one has a copper surround - that is quite a statement!

source: from my binder archives

And do you remember this one from Library Love?

Sabbe Interior Design

The next two are examples of a bathtub included in the shower area of the bathroom.

Leanne Ford

Sarah Sherman Samuel

This next one transitions from a bathtub in the shower area to tubs in the middle of the bathroom - this has an open shower in the middle and a tub in the middle, not exactly together though.

Leanne Ford

McAlpine House

source: from my binder archives

Here is my advice for/answers to the "Either Or" questions. For a tub that will be built in between two walls or solid sides, I would use a stand alone soaker tub if there is a window in the space so that you can easily access the window. I would opt for a completely built in tub if there is not a window because then you do not have to worry about cleaning behind the tub.

I would not have a tub in my shower area unless I really needed the tub and did not have the space available to separate the two. I love the look and idea of them, I would take practicality over looks in this case though. I would not want there to be soap and water splashed into my tub every time someone took a shower. It seems that you would have to clean the tub every time you took a shower and who has time for that!?!

If I had the space and configuration to put a tub in the center of the bathroom in some way, I would definitely consider this. It is a unique placement and definitely adds character the space. You would have to be sure your tub is quite attractive on its own though.

I would love to know your Either Or? choices!

I will be back tomorrow with a Furniture Fever post. See you then.

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