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Either Or

Hello. I have a new Either Or choice to present to you today and that is: in a room with two sofas, do you prefer either matching sofas or two different sofas? I have put together some options for each scenario to consider this query.

My mom's mother, Nana, had two different sofas in her living room in Bethesda, Maryland when I was growing up. Very different. One was a traditional sofa with three seat cushions and clean lines, the other was an ornate, tufted Victorian loveseat. I always thought it was an odd mix of furniture when ever I visited her, starting from a very young age. Then my cousin Jeanie told me one day that she loved and wanted the Victorian sofa when we grew up. She planned to reupholster it in white. I liked the other sofa far better. After that I did start to look at the Victorian sofa in a slightly different light - if Jeanie liked it, maybe I did too? And my eyes were definitely opened to the possibility and appeal of mixing sofa styles after that. (Side note, years later when Jeanie was faced with the choice of whether to keep the sofa she passed on it - times and taste change). I have always favored matching sofas in design, thanks to Jeanie not always though, and the images to come prove that both options can be beautiful.

Starting off with a pair of velvet sofas, one in tufted navy, the other in green. Do you prefer this or...

Beetrootandblack, photo source

matching navy sofas?

Stephanie Kraus Designs, photo source

Do you prefer one blue and one white sofa by the fireplace (that two sided bench is amazing, isn't it?) or.....

Mark D. Sikes, photo source

these matching sofas?

Jake Arnold, photo source

Here is another room, a gorgeous room, with one blue sofa and one white sofa. Do you like this one or....

Mark D. Sikes, photo source

these matching striped sofas back to back in another gorgeous room?

Mark D. Sikes, photo source

Do you prefer a library with mismatched sofas or....

G. P. Schafer, photo source

one with matching blue and white sofas?

Phoebe Howard, photo source

What about this large room with one pale blue and one white sofa? Would you want this or....

Tori Rubinson Interiors, photo source

these charming matching sofas in a floral print?

Heidi Caillier Design, photo source

Do you like the idea of one fabric upholstered sofa in white and one leather cushioned bench or.....

Lauren Liess, photo source

matching white upholstered sofas?

photo source

Do you like the look of one suede and one linen blend sofa or....

Studio McGee, photo source

matching sofas covered in a terra cotta colored linen?

Phoebe Howard, photo source

The last choice presents a suede sofa with no visible furniture legs paired with a green sofa with its legs showing. Do you like?

Becki Owens, photo source

Or do you like matching brown suede sofas with nailhead trim?

Albionord, photo source

Decisions, decisions. I went back to tally my choices in the above Either Or scenarios and it is even - "yes, please" to four matched and "yes, please" to four mismatched sofa combinations. For me, if the sofas are not going to match exactly I have a few "rules" to follow. There needs to be a clear distinction between the two in shape and in fabric. I do not like the mismatched sofas to look like "almost matches" that just happen to have different fabrics. If the mismatched sofas are placed opposite from each other I prefer them to be the same length (or close to it). If they are going to be placed catty corner, I prefer the size and shape, as well as the fabrics, to be obviously different. Contrast is important to me in more than just the fabric choice when using two different sofas. What about you? Do you have a clear winner? Let me know in the comments!

I will be back tomorrow with a Comfort Food Friday post. See you there.

Thanks for playing Either Or with me today, Kerry



Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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