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Wallpaper Love: Dining Room Edition

Happy Friday! Today I am feeling some serious love for wallpaper in the dining room. Powder rooms are the perfect place to go bold with wallpaper and lately I have been more and more convinced that making a more subdued statement with wallpaper in your dining room is the way to go.

I am loving mural type wallpapers in dining rooms most of all.

This dining room is exquisite. Period.

I love the subtle scene that the wallpaper provides in this dining room. I am also so intrigued by the fireplace in this room surrounded by millwork and no mantel. I find it to be very attractive.

The muted floral scenes on the walls of this dining room are gorgeous.

This wallpaper provides the sense that you are dining in a beautiful garden. So, so pretty and magical.

I love the way this gold wallpaper brings the jute rug, green chairs and pale blue curtains together. Stunning.

Everything about this dining room is perfection with the wallpaper being at the top of the list.

I love the choice of this wallpaper as the backdrop for the rustic table, it suits the beams, paneling, and overall style of the room so well.

photo source

This last one is not actually in a dining room, the room (kitchen) does have a dining table in the center though. I love how this red wallpaper looks in this kitchen. It undeniably has pattern - it doesn't fight with the artwork on the walls at all though. Wallpaper in a kitchen is a unique choice and pays off completely here.

photo source

I will be starting a two week series of "mini posts" on Monday where I will introduce one decorating idea or piece of advice and then feature a few examples. Mini posts will be one minute bursts of inspiration to start your busy day in the throes of the holiday season. I hope to see you there. Happy Weekend.

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