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Wallpaper Love

Happy Friday. Today I am sharing my curation of wallpapered rooms that "spoke to me" over the past month. There are all types of patterns this month. Subtle, bold, colorful, muted and all are inspiring!

This wallpaper that continues into the next space in the hallway is so pretty. Yellow print wallpaper is my personal favorite for hallways and entryways. I think yellow blends with almost any color and is a great jumping off point for the rest of a home, no matter the decor.

Kemble, photo source

Speaking of entryways, this panel of wallpaper becomes layered artwork with the framed piece above it that shares its colors.

Tilton Fenwick, photo source

I am drawn to scenic wallpaper lately and this one is both soothing and elegant.

Mrs. Howard, photo source

Is there anything better than old maps used as wallpaper? I think not! I clearly need to get back in an historic home sooner rather than later. Love this so much.

photo source

Wallpaper in the dining room is stunning, be it bold or subtle.

Mark D. Sikes, photo source

Lucy Doswell Interiors, photo source

Libby Cameron, photo source

photo source

Grass cloth wallpaper is a close second to old maps used as wallpaper for me. It adds texture to a space and it comes in so many colors now (and even with patterns printed on it) that the uses for it are almost endless.

Anthony Catalfano Home, photo source

Mark D. Sikes, photo source

Kathleen Walsh Interiors, photo source

You get a peek of grasscloth in the dining room beyond the room in the forefront.

Amy Morris Interiors, photo source

This bold pattern will wake you up in the morning for sure! It is so energetic and happy, a wonderful way to start the day.

The House That Lars Built, photo source

This sweet pink paper looks even sweeter with the coordinating window shade.

Elliott Interiors, photo source

This is a cool bedroom, and a nursery nonetheless. I love the dark ceiling and the way the trim and window treatments are green to blend with the wallpaper. It makes the wallpaper look far more subtle than it would with contrasting trim and window treatments. Stunning room.

Jane Hallworth, from Architectural Digest November 2021 Issue

This wallpaper is sweet now and can certainly become more sophisticated with decor changes throughout the room as the child ages.

Chantal Lamers, photo source

I saved this image because this is the wallpaper I am planning to use in my younger daughter's bedroom once our renovation is complete. Still love it.

photo source

This room is turned from old fashioned to elegant with the use of this wallpaper.

Aero Studios, photo source

This wallpaper beckons rest, peace, and ease to me - perfect for a guest bedroom.

Bria Hammel Interiors, photo source

The meandering branches on this bedroom wall "grow" from the live edge wood headboard. So cool looking, don't you think?

Halard-Halard Design and Miranda Brooks, photo source

The wallpaper in this room, mixed with the fabric lampshade and fabric window shade in the adjoining room fondly remind me of how my older daughter dressed when she was young. If the top and bottom she chose both had flowers, or stripes, or the same color - they matched. She always looked fantastic (even though most parents, if not all, would not have chosen the outfits), she radiated joy and confidence. I admired her then for it, as I do now, and my love for pattern mixing no doubt stems from her inspiring choices way back when.

Heidi Caillier Design, photo source

This is wallpaper for those not sure if they are ready to commit full force lol. It is like there is a garden in the room, so pretty.

April Tomlin Interiors, photo source

This room is like a first class (Harry Potter style) tent. You would feel like you are in an oasis in this room enveloped by the paisley pattern.

Palmer Weiss Interior Design, photo source

Ceiling wallpaper is bold. The gold tone of this one is beautiful and it brings a feeling of history to the space which balances out the room's all modern furnishings.

Ricardo de la Torre Diseñador de Interiores, photo source

We have reached the end of the post and the end of the week. Happy weekend. See you on Manic Monday.

Thank you for coming by today, Kerry



Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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