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Vignettes of the Month

January is coming to a close which is hard to believe, isn't it? I hope you have been having a fantastic start to the new year. The end of the month, here at the kdmhomedesign blog, no matter which month, comes with it one of my favorite series - Vignettes of the Month. These are the striking styling moments that have caught my eye and inspired me this month (as I hope they do you). I have mentioned before that I have a basic formula for a great vignette: a pretty lamp, statement artwork, and a piece of pottery or sculpture are the foundation. Books and baskets usually up the ante significantly. You will see that most of these have similar elements to mine and you will also see that in some cases rules are meant to be broken!

This first one if formulaic perfection to me and makes me regret selling an old farm table I had since the 1990s when we moved to Ohio. The floor in this space is also spectacular.

Here is another great entry hall vignette with a statement floor. So pretty.

This closet has a layering of vignettes. The table is a beautiful vignette on its own, as is the vignette on the counter atop the drawers. The layered vignettes double the visual appeal of the space and lead me to believe the closets are full of some very nice clothes and accessories!

A narrow hall vignette. These candle sticks are next level gorgeous.

This artwork, bench, basket, and lamp combination is striking. I am always drawn to red.

photo source

Here is a vignette that doesn't follow any "rules" and is beyond stunning. I love using architectural elements and unexpected pieces in design - they add visual interest and character instantly as evidenced here - amazing.

I love this next vignette. Any vignette built with an antique piece of furniture at the base speaks to my heart and this one is screaming "I know you want me Kerry"! I love everything about it.

The vignette under the window creates a striking focal point through this pretty paneled hallway.

Another reason I am regretting selling that farm table! This vignette is in a mudroom, a mudroom! It is exceptional.

This simple and stunning vignette is a wonderful addition to this living room. Beautiful.

All of the vignettes this month are gorgeous, no doubt. I think I have saved the best for last though. This antique drop leaf table turned into a desk/reading nook is gorgeous. It has the statement artwork, pottery, books, and lamp elements and shows how truly beautiful a well put together vignette is, and how the vignette enhances your space beyond measure.

That is a wrap for this month's Vignettes. I will be back tomorrow with a Furniture Fever post. See you then.

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Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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