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Vignettes of the Month

Happy Wednesday. It is hard to believe it so close to the end of November that the time has come to look at the Vignettes of the Month. I am a firm believer that it is important to style vignettes throughout your home - "moments" where your eye travels to, and then rests, that make you feel grounded and comfortable in the space. Vignettes should include character elements that speak to your story and your style. They should be both personal to the home dwellers as well as welcoming and pleasing to guests of the home.

My building blocks for a vignette are to start with a table/shelf/desk/chest in a focal point and then incorporate a lamp, a piece of sculpture and/or pottery, a piece or pieces of statement wall art or mirror above the table, and books; when in doubt, a basket or two makes everything better; and simple shines. Too much really is too much in a vignette. Like all "rules", especially in decorating, there are exceptions. This foundation formula is a great place to start though.

The ideal spot for a well crafted vignette is in the entry hall/space of your home. Here are some examples:

I love the way the base of this table fits the niche in the wall perfectly and then it tapers up to draw your eye up. Simple and stunning.

This table on its own is beautiful. It makes a great vignette with symmetrical lamps, stacked boxes and a piece of pottery. The soothing painting is the icing on top. This is a very pretty welcome to this home.

This is a very simple vignette that packs a punch. The basket and jug below the table are a very nice addition - remember, baskets make everything better!

Philip Mitchell, Traditional Home Magazine Fall 2021 Issue

The little lean-to desk and stool are charming in this brownstone entry.

Apt. 34, photo source

Another beautiful table is used as the foundation for the next vignette. The large vase, small decorative pieces and three stacks of books topped by a large mirror is all you need. This is stunning.

I love the lines of this table and the stacked artwork is lovely.

Moving out of the entry and down a hall with the next image. This vignette at the end of the hall creates a fantastic sight line.

Living room, dining room, and bedroom vignettes coming at you now.

The simplicity of this one of a kind chair paired with the artwork above and pale wood beams combine to make a stunning "moment" in this living room. The book on the chair takes it to the next level!

This is a very calming, pleasing vignette for the eye to rest on indeed!

The artwork over the buffet makes the vignette in this dining room shine - so attractive.

Here is another artwork forward vignette. Simple and stunning.

The vignette created on this desk with the lamp, artwork, and decorative accents is so handsome, I love the feel of this space.

A peaceful moment in the bedroom.

The last vignette of this month is built upon a beautiful table in a beautiful room. This entire space oozes charm.

This concludes November's installment of Vignettes of the Month. Aren't they all so pretty? I will be back for Manic Monday after Thanksgiving. Happy long weekend. I hope you are able to relax and enjoy every moment of it.

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Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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