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Thank You Note: Mark D. Sikes

Hi. Today I want to highlight a designer that I admire immensely and look to for inspiration often. That designer is Mark D. Sikes. I first learned of Mark D. Sikes when his blog was recommended as one to follow in a magazine years and years ago. I did follow it and am so grateful that I did. Mark's designs are full of features and elements that I have always loved:

  • Blue and White - he is the ultimate fan of this combination!

  • Chinoiserie Decor and Furniture

  • Black painted furniture

  • Antiques

  • Patterned fabrics

  • Natural fiber rugs

  • Wicker

  • Original artwork

  • Bookcases

  • Touches of red

  • Rattan blinds

  • A stand alone room in a home with dark paint

I would consider these elements to be Mark D. Sikes' calling card. His designs are not replicas by any means. It is safe to say though that each room he designs has at least a few of the feature listed above. I have counted a minimum of three of the above elements in each of the images I am sharing here. For fun, maybe count how many you see in each picture too.

When I first saw his work I thought "this is exactly how I want my house to look and feel!". The rooms Mark designs are my personal style ideal and he has been instrumental in helping me hone my design aesthetic. Thank you Mark D. Sikes! His furniture choices and their placement, accessory styling, fabric choices, paint colors, and the artwork he uses are all fantastic. In 2016 Mark D. Sikes had his first book, Beautiful, published and I used to look through that book all of the time and recently pulled it out again. It makes me so happy to see the beauty. In 2020, his second book, More Beautiful, was published. This book also makes me so happy and is responsible for my decision to keep an antique chest that I was considering selling when we moved to our current house. In the book Mark talks about the importance of antiques and heirlooms. It really spoke to me and convinced me to keep the chest.

The remainder of this post is going to be mostly eye candy with pictures I took of some of the pages in Mark's books. These are a mere a glimpse of his beautiful (pun intended) style! All of the photographs in his books were taken by Amy Neunsinger.

This is the image on both the inside front cover and inside back cover of Beautiful. You know you are in for a treat when this collection of blue and white is what greets you upon opening the book!

The first six images are vignettes.

I love everything about this. I am particularly drawn to the use of the two types of lamps - that extra layered detail makes this moment a notch higher on the perfection scale.

Blue and white vases atop a chinoiserie hutch with layered artwork - need I say more!? Lovely.

Isn't this lamp gorgeous? I also love the paneled wall. This is quite a handsome vignette.

Blue and white simplicity. This table and artwork are gorgeous too.

The layers in this landing are phenomenal. I am particularly drawn to the stairs. I love the simplicity of the railings - so attractive.

More blue and white and a plethora of chinoiserie. Ahhh, so pretty.

Following are some beautiful rooms.

Love, love, love the secretary desk with a captain's chair for the seating and everything else in this room! There is a circle of chairs - true love.

This room is serene with the matching wallpaper and window treatments.

I am particularly fond of the trestle table with a chair on one side and wicker ottoman on the other - a desk, but not - and the glass lamp looks terrific on the table as well.

What a sightline into a stunning dining room!

The wicker furniture and fabrics in this room perfectly suit a sunroom.

The touches of red in the next two rooms are calling my name! Love them!

This is some kitchen. Those blue and white backsplash tiles are so awesome.

Some pretty bedrooms.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. The trio of artwork and the layered elements on the bed make this room so cozy and comfortable.

The artwork, the rugs, the antique armoire, the fabrics...there is nothing in this room I would not want - better said, I would take everything, please!

These next two bedrooms with wallpaper to the ceilings are both amazing.

I think using a bedside table as a desk too is so attractive and practical, particularly for a guest room.

The linens in this room, custom plantation shutters, art work on the floor under the console table and the very petite leather chair are all elements that capture my attention. The small lamp on the console table adds serious character to the space. It is unique and unexpected - definitely one of my favorite combinations.

Now for some library love!

This red sectional looks like the perfect spot to read a book.

The dark blue paint on the millwork in this room is striking.

Dining room library with a circle table, yes, please! Dining room goals for sure.

This kitchen, showing major library love, is in the home of Mark D. Sikes. The first image was featured in his first book and the second in his second book. The first time I saw this kitchen in print I studied it for days. Starry night status for this kitchen. Now I dream of bookshelves in every kitchen I have a hand in.

I spot new fabrics, new ottoman with new items in the basket on top, new rug, new shelf styling (clock is still there), new lampshades on the sconces, and three plates hanging over the door instead of a framed piece of artwork. Am I missing anything?

This last library love room is one of my favorite rooms of all times. There is nothing about this room that I do not love. The wall color is fantastic. The sconces over the etagere bookcases are beautiful. The fabric on the sofa is exquisite. The striped rug, the fabric on the spindle chair, the coffee table with topiaries, the captain's chair, the artwork and on and on are all perfection. I LOVE this room.

A close up:

Although I could post and boast about Mark D. Sikes all day long, I will stop here. I will undoubtedly share much more of Mark's talented designs in posts to come, how could I not?! I will be back tomorrow with an It's All In The Details post. See you there.

Thank you for visiting today,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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