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Thank You Note: Amber Lewis

Hello. Every month I try to write a post highlighting a designer that has helped me to evolve and refine my own design aesthetic in some way. A designer crush if you will. Today I am talking about Amber Lewis. I am certainly not alone in loving Amber Lewis's work. Amber has over one and half million followers on Instagram as well as a product and furniture shoppe, and collaborations with retailers such as Anthropologie.

I was late coming to the "Amber Lewis" party. I did not discover her work until her book, Made For Living, came out in 2020. It corresponded with the timing of my family moving to Ohio from Michigan, into a house that needs a lot of love, and I am so thankful that I did make it to the party! Amber's designs are, simply put, beautiful. In design, I have always tended to be a "more is more" type. As I age, that tendency has started to lessen a bit. Learning about Amber Lewis and studying her work, I have grown a huge appreciation for "less is more", although I would say that Amber Lewis designs with the "perfect amount" rather than less in the minimalistic sense. Although my current house is not on par with the homes Amber designs architecturally, her work gave me hope that I could love my house once I got to designing and decorating it and I am very thankful for that. A ray of sunshine during the uncertainty of undertaking a renovation during the pandemic. I spent countless hours on Amber's website and devouring her book soon after I moved here and I still turn to them for inspiration regularly.

Every room that Amber designs makes a statement as a whole. She chooses beautiful lighting, flooring, rugs, textiles, artwork, furniture, accessories, window treatments, and colors that all work together harmoniously so the entire space feels balanced. No one object is fighting for your attention, all of the elements together grab you and envelop you. Amber Lewis is truly a remarkable talent.

Following is a sample of Amber's gorgeous work featured in her book and/or on her website. All of the photographs are by Tessa Neustadt unless otherwise noted.

Living Large

Fine Furnishings

photo by Shade Degges

I love the way this entryway loveseat has the backing/frame exposed and a contrasting seat cushion. LOVE!

Photo by Shade Degges

Photo by Shade Degges

Some Good Cooking

Sweet Dreams

It's Bath Time

I am going to close my eyes and imagine that my house, when finished, is as beautiful as these. I sure plan on that! Thank you Amber Lewis for sharing your work and your talent, I truly appreciate it! I hope you are as inspired as I am by Amber's mix of materials and her ability to bring the perfect balance to each space she creates.

I will be back tomorrow with a Feature Fever post. See you there!

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