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On Trend Tuesday

Hello. In the last installment of On Trend Tuesday I was talking about the emergence of pink tile in the bathroom and kitchen. Today I am talking about tile of another sort and that is wall to wall kitchen tile. I have been seeing it more and more lately which leads me to conclude wall to wall kitchen tile is on trend!

I have complied images from fifteen kitchens to show the trend in action.

This tiles in this kitchen wrap around and extend all the way to the ceiling. The open wood shelving is a great feature with the tile backdrop and of course you cannot go wrong with blue and white :-)

This white kitchen is anything but "typical". The color variation on the tile backsplash adds depth and beauty to this space.

Tile everywhere in this gorgeous kitchen and adjoining pantry. Even the range hood is tiled!

Here is another white kitchen with variation in the tile color and with wood open shelving. The sconces above the shelves are a great detail.

This next kitchen (and pantry) really make a statement with their floor to ceiling tile. In addition to the tile, this kitchen is jam packed with details including the coffered ceiling, the lantern lights, the large brass pot rack with copper pots, some cabinets with wired fronts, and multiple countertop surfaces. This kitchen looks to be a chef's dream.

source House Beautiful August/September 2021 issue, Phillip Mitchell Design Inc.

This kitchen is soothing and appealing; it is also another kitchen that utilizes floor to ceiling tile in the main kitchen and the pantry.

I saw this all black galley kitchen in a magazine and then the image following this one of the same kitchen from the opposite angle on Instagram. This kitchen really packs a punch, so attractive. The black tiles are almost like mirrors and they actually help to light the space up.

source House Beautiful August/September 2021 Issue

The floor to ceiling tile in this monochromatic kitchen almost disappears from a distance. This kitchen has a small marble backsplash band and then the tile starts above it - a great detail that adds visual interest.

M House, photo source

This kitchen is gorgeous. It is hard to tell if the wall is brick or tile, either way I will take it! I also love the lighting and the veining in the countertops. Fabulous kitchen.

The next two images are from the same kitchen. The wood cabinets and the square tiles work so well together. Another great detail is the "hanging rod" that extends around the kitchen just below the ceiling. That is a great option to add artwork and accessories to the tile wall without having to drill into the tile.

photo source

This fully tiled kitchen is a stunner. I love the rustic beams and baskets mixed with the sleek black stools and brass edges on the islands. I also love the reflections picked up on the tile walls in this kitchen - so pretty.

Lauren Buxbaum Gordon, source House Beautiful August/September 2021 Issue

This kitchen looks quite traditional and charming. The dark grout on the white tiles add a more current feel and is a very practical choice - much easier to keep the grout looking clean if it is dark.

source Traditional Home Fall 2021, Phillip Mitchell Design, Inc.

This next kitchen is very elegant with the grey blue glass tile lining the walls. I bet this space looks amazing in candle light.

source Traditional Home Fall 2021 Issue, Kipling House Interiors

This next kitchen mixes white wall to wall subway tile with navy subway tile on the backside of the island where the stools are. So attractive. This kitchen also has a checkered floor - those were featured in a previous On Trend Tuesday installment. ;-)

source Traditional Home Fall 2021 Issue, Kitchen Design Group

The gorgeous blue subway tile in this kitchen extends throughout the kitchen and into the adjoining breakfast room. The blue painted island and door are a great match to the tile, as is the wood tone on the perimeter cabinets.

source House Beautiful August/September 2021 Issue, Meredith McBrearty

Before I go, this is wall to wall tile in a museum building in France built in the 1600s and 1700s. Trend alert: tile is again having a moment in the twenty first century!

photo source

Tile, tile everywhere. So attractive and a trend that you can make your own by choosing the type of tile, the size of the tile, and the color of the tile to make a space all your own. I will be back tomorrow with some Food For Thought. See you then.

Thank you for dropping in today, Kerry




Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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