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Library Love

Happy Friday! I am back with another installment of Library Love. Libraries are such fun spaces to decorate. If you are creating one from scratch you begin by designing the shelves or even the placement of a shelf somewhere in your home and then you fill it/them in with your favorite books and/or treasures. If you have the shelf/shelves already, you still get to fill them with your favorite things!

I have more images of rooms with bookshelves and even rooms with stacks of books than any other type of room saved by far. Following are the libraries I have added to my collection over the past several weeks. There are some beautiful rooms and great ideas so I will jump right in.

The Boston Athenaeum is the ultimate library inspiration. The domed ceilings are incredible. The furniture is amazing - those leather chairs at the library tables and the arm chairs and lounger in the distance - wow! The intricate detail on the risers going to the second story stacks and the iron detail on the balconies in the second story stacks are such great details. The busts above all of the sets of stairs, the lamps on the tables, the antique rugs....I could go on and on. Incorporating even just one of these details in your own library would make a tremendous difference in the wow factor of the room.

photo source

I love the sightline into this library. The transom window above the French doors with a peak into the library, the well worn chair, and beautiful old floor boards make me want to walk right in and grab a book.

photo source unknown

This office/library is quite formal and attractive with its glass front cabinets. This room says "if we have work to do, we might as well do it in a beautiful setting"!

These leaded glass front shelves are much more relaxed. I love the way they are painted dark in the back and the mixture of artwork, treasures and books within is so pleasing to the eye. Also, I'm loving the wicker floor lamp and how you see the rafters from the roof when you look out of the pretty window.

I am partial to a dark library. The millwork in this one is outstanding. And the walls, trim and ceiling all painted the same color turn the somewhat formal space into a much more cozy feeling room.

Love, love, love this library space. The curtains behind the sofa are a great detail. I think my first instinct would be to hang shades here and I love the drapes so much more than I would shades - they soften the lines of the space. The ceiling in this room is also incredible.

This is another room that rates very, very high on the library love scale. I have always loved this type of chair. I am not sure if this is Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren has a chair like this though and every time we have ever needed a new chair I have asked John if we can get one like this and he always says no :-( Why? Is it not beautiful?!? I also love the grass cloth wallpaper and the entire set of shelves dedicated to pottery to the right of the fireplace. Also, always a sucker for baskets and a chunky jute rug. This room has it all! Lastly, the drawers at the bottom of the shelves are a minimal loss of shelf space and a maximum benefit for closed storage - and everyone needs that!

Just when I think I prefer dark libraries, I see a room like this and am blown away. The fabrics in this room are vibrant, the shelf styling fantastic, and the arch framing the window is a phenomenal detail. Incidentally, this room is designed by the same firm that did the library above.

I love the little bench nestled in between the shelves in this library. Charming.

This next library is a combination of light and dark and it is a wow-er. The navy inset shelves are a great choice so that the detailing on the walls, which is gorgeous, really stands out. The fabrics, blue and white accessories, and enormous piece of art all take this room to the top of the wow scale.

Library nooks are the definition of charm. Just look it up in one of the books on the shelves lol. The paneled detail behind the shelves here is a great addition to an already beautiful space.

Another charming nook. I am particularly fond of the sconce light choice and the fabric on those sconce shades. A great detail!

I know you can barely see that this is a library (although I spy two books I own without squinting), I saved it because of the fabric on this sconce too. Such a lovely detail.

Is a room with stacks of books and no shelves a library? I say yes and this one is a beauty! The lantern over the table is beautiful too.

I am ending on my favorite feature to incorporate in a kitchen whenever possible - a little library!

I hope you agree that this collection of Library Love spaces is a beautiful punctuation point at the end of the week. I will be back on Manic Monday. Happy weekend.

Thank you for joining me today,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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