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Library Love

Happy Fri-Yay! I have a rather quick post sharing some library love to end the week. Bookshelves may just be my single most appreciated design element, wherever they land, for their form and function!

Here are the ones that have caught my eye since the last Library Love post two weeks ago.

This first one is an entry hall library. The entire space is perfection to me, let me count the ways: the painted floors, the dutch door, the roll up blinds (love!), the paneled walls, the collection of artwork, the board and beam vaulted ceiling, the bench, and of course the bookshelves - especially the way they provide a table for decorative items and utility in the space as well. There is a lot of inspiration to be found in this entry - the architect is G.P. Schafer and the designer is Rita Konig.

I have a serious attraction to libraries with a lacquer paint finish and it is only heightened when a bold color is used. This both bold and feminine library/office is designed by Katie Ridder.

This appears to be a very well used library - a loved library - in the Hunting Lodge of Nicky Haslam. The rug must be well loved too as it has been cut to fit around the post to be included in this room.

This is a step down library/living room and it is a beauty. My mom always loved a step down living room and talked about the grace and elegance of them often. I grew up loving them too as an extension of her (and I still do). This room is in the same house as the first image (from G.P. Schafer and Rita Konig) and has the same roll up blinds - loving them! This is one attractive house with a whole lotta library love!

This next library makes a striking statement. I particularly like it when there is a "working table" in a library space. This room is designed by A 1000 X BETTER and

I think it so cool the way this "library" divides two spaces and that the contents of the shelves are visible from both sides - it feels like a modern '70s vibe to me. This space is designed by Beata Heuman.

The final library features a lot of blue and white - my favorite combination. I find artwork hung over shelves so attractive and yet have never done it in my own designs - I need to give this some thought because it really looks great in this room designed by Erin Gates Design.

Looking at libraries always makes me want to go curl up with a great book or magazine. I hope you and I both are able to find time for that. I will see you back here on Manic Monday. Happy Weekend.

Thank you for stopping in today,





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