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It's All in the Details: Lighting

Hello! I am back with another post about the ability of details to elevate design. In this post I am focusing on lighting specifically and on one designer - Sean Anderson. I recently started watching the episode of Point of View on Magnolia Network profiling Sean Anderson and his design style. He is truly inspiring. He is self taught, no formal design training, and is a complete master of detail. I started scrolling through his Instagram feed after the show and was struck by how his choices in lighting turned his beautiful designs into breathtaking ones. If you are not familiar with him you are in for a treat and if you are, as you know, it's still a treat! Starry night status for all images - the more you look, the more you see - enjoy!

This first image has details galore - the iron rounded French door, the stone wall in the kitchen, the vintage pieces, the bleached beams and the relief around the door between the dining room and the kitchen are all amazing on their own. When you add in the simplicity of this dark horizontal picture light with the round elements in the artwork, the entire view is taken to a higher, even more gorgeous level.

The brass picture light in this bedroom is so handsome and partners perfectly with the drawer hardware underneath the bench.

This copper gas lantern inside - be still my heart! The differing scale of the artwork and the sconce is a detail worth noting indeed.

The way the color of the shade on this sconce ties in with the pillows on the sofa and with the decorative objects on the chest is stunning. I also love the way the black and white artwork above the sofa is not centered in the frame, and the choice of white matting and white frame - love it!

The two light fixture choices in this laundry room make me want to bring my dirty clothes here! I would happily do the wash under these lights.

Holy moly, these glass sconces coming out from the mirror are amazing. I also love the simplicity of the ceiling fixture you can see in the reflection of the gorgeous burled wood frame mirror. So much to love about this bathroom.

I shared this kitchen from another angle in the first It's All in the Details post. This sconce is artwork so I was compelled to share it again.

Inspiration galore. My main takeaways are number one, to keep in mind that sconces and picture lights can elevate spaces substantially, and number two, lights with "character" can work in any space so do not be afraid to mix a style of light that you think might not match the style of your room - that is the detail that might just take your space to a higher level.

I hope you enjoyed Sean Anderson's designs as much as I do. I will be back tomorrow with something from the archives. See you then!

Thank you for stopping by today, Kerry




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