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It's All In The Details

Hello. I try to do an It's All In The Details post once per month and somehow I missed last month, so this is the first one of the year! Small details can be instrumental in design, making the difference between a nice room and a great room. Details can come from structural elements, elevated finishes and/or decorating choices. Well thought out details bring the wow factor for sure.

I love the detail of the caned doors under the stair landing. It is quaint and charming and could have just as easily been a solid panel. It is so much better like this, don't you think so!?!

The way this door at the end of the breezeway is seamless with the board and batten paneling inside the hall and on the outside of the home is a well thought out detail that equals perfection.

The wainscoting and molding details in this room are amazing. There are three separate panels making up the wainscoting on each section of wall with the top most panel adjusting to the size of the space on the wall, there is a chair rail, baseboard, and crown molding, not to mention the ceiling medallions! This elegant room has details galore.

I share photos from artist and designer Josh Young's homes often because he is a master of layering detail. He almost always has stacks of book in his spaces, which I love, and in this image I am loving the detail of the folding white wooden screen being used to hang his black and white painting. So attractive.

photo source

The fluting on the panel at the end of the island is a great detail on its own and the fact that it corresponds with the fluted glass on the cabinet to the left of the refrigerator makes it that much better!

This kitchen is all about the decorating details! The hanging lanterns centered in front of the windows flanking the range hood (there is one on both sides, the right side is not visible in this picture though) are unique and unexpected - a fantastic combination, the baskets on the pot rack are inspired, as are the vintage stools, vintage bowls on the island and countertop, and the animal head hung above the range (below the hood) - I love that it is off center too. Such great details in a space that would be quite plain without them. The kitchen was no doubt designed to make the most of its blank canvas with all of these great details. Love everything about this!

The full, dark wall of cabinetry in this kitchen is broken up with the trim detail creating a peak of sorts in the middle section of cabinets above the drawers below. This detail provides symmetry, visual interest, and depth to the space. Love it!

Here is another clever use of shape to add detail. These cabinets could be rectangular and match the height of the window, this arch detail though certainly enhances and elevates this space.

If you are someone who likes symmetry, like me, it can be frustrating when something like a sink cannot be centered. These next two designs make it work though!

The small sink is centered in the window and centered above the right side of the cabinet below. Rather than look "off" it looks awesome.

deVol, photo source

In this space the sink is centered between the windows and the cabinetry and countertop extend far to the right. The mirror, centered between the windows mounted to a rod - great detail! - makes it all work beautifully.

This bathroom is a tale of complementing elements - the mixture of narrower stained vertical shiplap with white painted wider vertical shiplap; the three types of light fixtures; the brass towel ring and faucet; the stained door and the wood panel used to mount the faucet; and the casing and mirror frame following the roof line are all details that work together to make this small bathroom shine big!

There are two great tile details in this bathroom. The first is that the white subway tile is actually a basketweave pattern, adding depth to the space. The second is the green tile border on top of that white basketweave which brings the wallpaper and vanity together to make the entire space united. So pretty.

Details make the design, no doubt! I will be back tomorrow with this month's installment of Library Love. See you then.

Thank you for dropping by today, Kerry




Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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