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It's All In The Details

Hi there. It is time for my monthly round up of designs that are truly elevated by their details. Rooms can be pretty with good design, rooms become extra special when attention is paid to the littlest details.

Starting with Seating

This pretty banquette is built with the back cushions taking a break around the window and is built with venting at the base, which I assume is for the HVAC system. Genius and gorgeous. These details take what could have been a banquette with an open base and no rear cushions (plain) into something fabulous.

Wonderful detail to have this set of corner sofas "mitered" where the two sides meet rather than one side going all the way to the wall with the other half ending at the longer sofa side. Lovely.

Wonderful Windows

The dark interior shutters that close over the windows and their sheer blinds in this banquette are charming.

The valance and shade on this window are the definition of layered, detailed design. Also note how the floor tile border "speaks" to the wallpaper. Great detail!

Tongue and Groove Paneling Equals Perfection

These next three neutral rooms owe a lot to the use of tongue and groove paneling.

The paneled curve wall behind this tub really takes this white bathroom up a notch or fifty.

The paneling on the sloped ceiling and in the eyebrow window! Gorgeous.

The wall and ceiling paneling paired with beams in this bedroom is beautiful.

Amazing Asymmetry

I am drawn to symmetry and try to achieve it in my designs. It is not always possible to have symmetry though and I love when spaces sing due to their lack of symmetry rather than because of it. These next three spaces sing like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir!

The fact that the sink is not centered under the full window is countered by the glass pendant light to the left. This mix of details make this space exquisite.

The mirror over the left sink and the drawers between the sinks bring balance and a touch of symmetry to this beautiful, slightly askew bathroom. Also note how the molding above the window is carried beyond the window to cap off the mirror too - so clever.

This sink way off to the left looks perfectly at home with the pendant above it, and to its right, the large mirror over the bank of drawers in the vanity. Talk about details, look at the horns as towel racks - awesome!

The Little Things

The marble baseboard! A stunning detail in this kitchen.

The reeded drawer front on the drawer beneath the glass fronted cabinet is a wonderful detail.

The brass legs on this island add another layer of elegance to this kitchen that the marble trim around the arched entryway established.

Step Outside

The stone facade around the front porch of this house is a detail worth investing in. It makes the house so much prettier than it would be with a poured concrete porch. This is a curb appealing detail for sure.

It is really worth it to add small details to elevate your design. Remember to be on the lookout for little enhancements that make your space sing.

I will be back on Manic Monday. Happy holiday weekend.





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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