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Inspiration For My Renovation

Hello. As the renovation planning continues at my house, I am trying to limit my search for inspiration to focus only on honing the details of the existing plan rather that actual changes to the plan. The following are the images that had me thinking details over the past two weeks.

Starting with the kitchen. These images have me wondering if I should have a completely built in cabinetry look for the refrigerator/freezer or go with the current plan of a stainless steel front. These images really provide a swaying argument for the built in look! So clean and simple.

deVol, photo source

I am planning to have a wall of closets/cupboards in the mudroom and I am always toying with the idea of having shelving rather than cabinetry at the top. I think the practicality of closed storage will most likely win out, this mudroom sure is attractive though and has me wondering....

I love the look of this vanity with curtained cupboards.....maybe for the basement bath? Perhaps too fancy?

The wall and cabinetry color in this image are very similar to my plan for the master bathroom cabinetry so this seems a good image to save to have on hand once the time comes to paint in there.

deVol, photo source

This image has a similar tub layout to my master bathroom (only the shower and WC are reversed) and convinces me to completely wall in the side of the shower next to the window, as recommended by our renovation project's designer, rather than installing glass panels as I was originally considering.

Installing a curved door to the shower is something under consideration for the master bath - another terrific recommendation from our project's designer. I was intrigued by the wall to wall plaster in this shower rather than tile too. It looks old-worldly.

This image has me dreaming of a fancy (albeit much smaller) master closet. More curtained cabinets....I think they are so pretty. They are probably not in the budget, you never know though so better to save!

The current plan for the upstairs hall bath is to have a small size tile floor like this one, except with a black tile flower pattern throughout. This bathroom has me wondering if simple is better. It usually is.

My family went to The Farm for Thanksgiving and we brought home two chairs from there that were taking up too much space and are desperately in need of a slipcover or reupholstery. The chairs are very similar to the striped chairs in this hallway and I was inspired by the ties on the back and skirting on the seats of these chairs. I am not sure yet if I even have a place for these chairs, if I do though, I am loving these slipcovers.

This image has me dreaming of what our deck and porches will look like when we are finally able to paint them. I saved it to calm myself down lol.

The last image is more shutter inspiration and a reminder for me to start to gently nudge John, who promised to make shutters for our house, into that project!

photo source

John and I have a meeting with the builders on Wednesday so the process continues - yay! I will be back tomorrow with a Book Report post. See you there.

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Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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