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Inspiration For My Renovation

A short post today. We still have not heard back from the builder with the finalized proposal for our project. Of course my mind goes right to thinking they are afraid to tell us because it is so much more than the initial estimate. I could go the other way and say to myself "no news is good news". Hopefully that is the case!

Nevertheless, my mind does not stop thinking about things to incorporate into the marathon project that is my home renovation. I have scaled back though and only save ideas that really, really wow me and do not affect the design significantly. If you want to catch up on any of the design posts, here is a link to all posts on my current house, and if you want to catch up on inspiration posts, here is a link to those. This is what I have this week....

We are going to have a built in column refrigerator and freezer separated by our glassware cabinet in the kitchen. The wall they will be installed on is slightly narrower than the depth needed and cannot be altered because of the garage and a large structural column. I had planned all along to frame it in some way to make the fact that it is not flush with the rest of the wall look intentional. This framed refrigerator freezer has my mind popping with ideas of how to do it. So cool.

I am always looking for ideas on how to style my copper topped round table (it was the kitchen table in my Grosse Pointe, Michigan house) and will be used in the area that links the entryway to the great room in my current house. I really like the idea of the stools under this beautiful wood table.

This is similar to the look I want for the basement stairs. The traditional railing at the bottom of the stairs now is about to break away from all the swinging and jumping around the newel post. It needs to be replaced. Something like this slatted wall will add architectural interest and be more sturdy for sure.

I have to put at least one image in for inspiration for my stairs. The last several posts have been overrun with them! I like the all black here. I am still at a complete loss on what to do paint color and combination wise with my stairs.

I did not think it was necessary to have a built in hamper in my master closet since the laundry room will be located across the hall, in the same space, so I did not include one in my closet design. This image has me thinking though that it might be a good idea to incorporate a hamper into the master bathroom cabinetry. I am strongly leaning towards this idea now. I would rather have the hamper slide out though, like a built in trash cabinet, than hinge forward like this.

One more idea for my master bathroom. Right now the plan is to have a metal towel rod/ladder installed on the wall next to the tub. When I see something as charming as this vintage towel rack though I begin rethinking what to do. I love the look of this.

That is all of the inspiration I allowed myself to save this time lol. I will be back tomorrow with a Food For Thought post. Until then, thank you for being here.





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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