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Inspiration For My Renovation

Hello on this last week before Christmas. All I want for Christmas is to renovate my house! I am full of hope and faith that my wish will become a reality in the new year. Until then, I continue to collect images here and there that inspire me to rethink something or enhance something in my current design.

Here is what I have saved this month.

I will have shelves surrounding the sofa in my library and I plan to have sconces in the nook. I like the look and placement of these sconces. Inspiration for sure.

I love how the stairs and no-frills handrails are all painted white. It gives me hope that if I paint my no-frills handrails that I will be quite happy with the result!

I think this fireplace must be gas since it has a glass screen/cover. It is very realistic and now I am on the hunt for logs like this for my basement fireplace. I prefer wood burning fireplaces. always, however the idea of carting wood down to the basement on a regular basis does not appeal to me! If it's going to be gas it better look good.

I am drawn to the simplicity of the lighting in these next two images. I want very minimalistic lighting in my kitchen and both of these fit the bill.

photo source

I'm always obsessing over painting my stairs. I love the way the ceiling in this hall and the baseboards are painted to match the stairs. So attractive.

Another paint combo that I LOVE. My house does not have paned windows (which pains me greatly), I still want to try something like these though, at least in a few rooms.

The cabinetry fronts in my bathroom will be very similar to those in the mudroom below. I had not thought of using knobs, I was planning to use pulls, this image has me possibly rethinking that. This space is quite attractive indeed.

That is all for today friends. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and are able to enjoy every moment of it. This year I am concentrating on presence over presents - cliché, I know. It is so hard to do though and I really am going to make an effort. Memories over merchandise! Cheers.

Thank you for being here,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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