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Inspiration For My Renovation

Hello! I am still playing around with details for my house because we haven't started the renovation yet lol! I am not bitter. I am keeping in good spirits about it because what else can I do? It will all come together! We still have not had our final proposal presentation with the builder because John could not make the one scheduled for last week. John had a last minute meeting at work and the builder and I want John to be part of the meeting since that is our chance to ask all the questions and get comfortable with the scope of the project. If John cannot make the next one (scheduled for next week) though, it's happening without him! Must. Move. On.

I have a long story to tell about what is going on with the exterior part of our renovation so stay tuned for that. I plan to do a post next week about the trials of it all and where we stand now. On the progress front though, I have mentioned before that John is making shutters for the house and they are all constructed now. Yay! Next step paint and then installation. They look great, John did an amazing job. The shutters are the accurate size to actually "shutter" the windows where they will be hung. Since the house has a lot of windows where there is not room to hang the proper size shutter, we will have a number of windows without them. The old shutters were drilled right into the house and that is the plan for the new shutters. This picture has me wanting to look at hinges instead though. I don't know if I will get John on board, it sure does look nice though, doesn't it?

New Old, photo source

The porches over the front door and side door for my house have not been completed yet and this pretty overhang makes we wonder if the rafters should be exposed on the front edge, like these (not the current plan). This is extremely attractive though. We'll see....

Dark stairs? I still cannot make up my mind on the stairs! I should give myself a deadline - how about the end of June? After that, no more talk of stairs. You can hold me to it!

I have a related, yet different thought on the stairs - and that it what to do with the handrails that are mounted to the wall? Although I will be painting the existing stair parts (color to be determined by June 30 lol) I want to replace the stand alone handrails with something really thin and simple. Currently we have thick "builder grade" handrails on the wall side of the stairs. Since I am painting the existing wood stairs, the replacement for the handrails will have to be wood too. I want them to have a more attractive profile though so I am starting to collect inspiration. This iron one below is a perfect place to start!

I am also really inspired by white and/or lighter colored walls and dark trim more and more lately, like in the next two images. I have to do this somewhere (everywhere!?!) in my house.

I love the millwork at the bottom of this stair well. I really want to do something like this on the basement walls in my house to add more character to what will be the primary family room in the house. This is so pretty.

I love the idea of this bench at the end of the tub for my basement bathroom. We have a Kohler tub like this one that we are planning on keeping in the basement and there is "dead space" in the wall behind it that could easily accommodate a bench. This idea could be a real winner. I had planned to put niches in the wall for storage, a bench would be so much better though! Love this!

Moving upstairs to the master plan is to have barn doors leading to the master closet, the laundry room, and for the archway between the master bedroom and master bathroom that match the faces of the bathroom cabinetry. The cabinets will be a "v" groove similar to the doors in the bathroom below. This image provides a great visualization of the look I want for the three sets of barn doos.

Love the detail on these door knobs. This image reminds me that I need to look for any way I can to bring character into my 1996 house. Boy would door handles like this be a great start!

Lastly, I love wisteria. I always have. I want to add it into my yard somewhere. I know it's invasive, I love it though. When and if we build a detached garage to replace the one that had to be removed (part of the long story for next week), wisteria will factor in to the design!

photo source

That's all I have for today. I will have a Starry Night post tomorrow. See you then.

Thank you for checking in with me today,



May 10, 2022

Great ideas. You are an inspiration.

Kerry Moylan
Kerry Moylan
May 12, 2022
Replying to

Thank you ❤️



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