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Inspiration For My Renovation

Hello! Yesterday I posted all of the images and ideas that wowed and inspired me last week for design in general and today I am going to share the designs and ideas that spoke to me specifically for my own upcoming home renovation.

We are planning to have a television over the fireplace in our great room and it will be partially visible through the front door - far from ideal. I would prefer not to have a TV there at all, unfortunately though that is a losing battle for me. I hope to at least win the battle that the majority of TV watched in the house will be in the basement. Nonetheless, I am always looking for ideas and solutions to hide the television when not in use and I thought the shutters used by Sarah Bartholomew in this living room were clever and beautiful.

I am planning to have a wall of floor to ceiling cabinets/closets in our mudroom and I really like the look of these designed by Ashton Interiors!

This is similar to the look I want in my upstairs hall bathroom for the sink and cabinetry wall. I love the idea of what looks to be a pull out hamper or trash basket below the shelves - I could do both, one on each side of the sink. Design by Studio McGee.

This is a vanity from Stoffer Home Cabinetry Wouldn't it be lovely in my basement bath!?!

I am not sure if the material used for this backsplash and countertop is soapstone or a lookalike - I am certain of my love of soapstone though and this is a great inspiration image for when countertop selection begins!

Moving outside now.

I love the look of this hip roof over the entry on this house designed by Amanda Orr Architects. We are adding a covered entry with a black metal roof to the front of our house and unfortunately upon closer inspection this roof style will not work for us. The top of the roof would need to be higher than we have room for. I wish a front porch like this could turn my house into this house - this house is the definition of curb appeal.

We are having new gutters put on our house and my wish would be to have all half round gutters and all round downspouts. I have been sternly advised against half round gutters by John and the gutter company because they will not be able to handle the flow of water from our roof when it rains. So....I have been studying homes that have K-Style ("traditional") gutters and round downspouts. The house in the photo below has a mixture of half round and K gutters. That is what I have decided to do at my house. The majority of the house will have K gutters, the metal roof sections (front door, side door, and detached garage) will have half round gutters and the entire house will have round downspouts. Compromise for the win! This house is designed by T S Adams Studio and built by Macallan Custom Homes.

The next three images I saved as inspiration for window shutters. John is going to make new shutters for our house (I first talked about that in the end of this post) and he asked me to draw out the design for them. I like the detail of the three panels on the shutters of Anissa Zajac's home of House Seven Design.

This next house has K-Style gutters and round downspouts. It also has a very similar color palate to my house now that mine has been painted white. I have talked before about how the windows on my house were manufactured in a taupe-y color and that I needed to choose the exterior paint color with that in mind (knowing that we do not plan to replace the windows). Luckily there are many beautiful homes out there with taupe-y window trim to draw inspiration from. Before we moved here they would not have caught my attention the way they do now and I have really grown a fondness for the color combination.

Now to the matter at hand, the shutters on this house designed by Sherry Hart are simple and beautiful - inspiring indeed!

The shutter on this next house designed by Pfeffer Torode is my favorite. John says he does not want to make louvered shutters from scratch though so I need to do some sourcing on ready made louver panels, which I have not started to do yet. If anyone has a source or great idea, please let me know! This shutter, swinging to only one side of the window is charming. (Note, these are half round gutters and a round downspout :-))

We had our first design meeting with our builder, Nicholson Builders, last week and today they come to take detailed measurements of the house. So excited. Until the decisions are final, I will keep looking for inspiration! I will be back tomorrow, see you then.

Thank you for reading today, Kerry




Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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