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From the Archives: Library Love

Hello. When I was searching my inspiration binders for the picture of the console table I shared in the Furniture Fever post last week I was struck by the tremendous amount of library/bookshelves pictures I have saved over the past twenty plus years. There is just something about a library that I love. Period. The end.

I noticed some common themes in the pictures so today I thought it would be fun to share library inspiration I have saved for years. These images still speak to me which says a lot about good design. I think you will see that some of these images are old, some over twenty years old. Although you may want to re-upholster some furniture, get a new carpet, and paint the walls here and there over time, if the bones of a space are good and the materials are high quality, the core of the room can and should stand the test of time. Since these images are old and ripped from magazines, I unfortunately do not have the sources for the designer/decorator - I would gush to each one though how I have been inspired by their work over time.

The first theme I noticed is that I love how the shelving in libraries can be obscured slightly (or a lot) by the furniture in the room and it doesn't matter. I particularly love sectional sofas in front of the shelves. The cozier the better!

This first picture is an oldie but goody for sure.

I love the simplicity of the construction of the shelves below:

The next two photos are from the same room:

The second theme is that well styled bookshelves can really make the room (and that blue and white speaks to me!).

Another oldie but goody:

The third theme is my love of shelves in nooks:

This next one for sure is an oldie, I still think the shelves on the slanted dormer wall are so cool and unexpected though.

The fourth set of photos are more "traditional" library inspiration:

This first room is gorgeous and I love when there is a desk in a library - makes so much sense!

The fifth set of inspiration speaks to my dream that some day I will live in a house where there are bookshelves at the top of the stairs:

Closer view of the bookshelves from this room:

This picture is slightly different, showing bookshelves lining the wall of the stairs rather than at the top of or underneath the stairs. Cool idea:

Next theme, bookshelves in passageways/hallways are beautiful too:

Here is inspiration for bookshelves in a dining room without any books!

And lastly, inspiration for bookshelves in the kitchen. I do not know exactly how old this picture is, it could be from the 1990s and I would take this kitchen today! The bookshelves around the window are so attractive and the look of a thick slab of stone on the island top is chef's kiss lol :-) This kitchen is another starry night - the more you look, the more you see.

Are you feeling the love for bookshelves and libraries? I sure am. I will be back on Monday with another installment of Manic Monday. See you then!

Thank you for joining me today,





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